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What impedes us can empower us. 
Ryan Holiday

Find more strength, see fruitful growth, feel positive expansion and enjoy sage improvements… Here. 

We’d be truly gratified to serve you in discovering such possibilities and/or realizations from challenge that can translate into compassion, more peace, greater wisdom, increased success, and/or, even, fulfillment – both personally and professionally.  And more.

Rising from Falling™ is a creation born from Judy Setting’s profoundly challenging experiences from which she rose.  Upon realizing in her life and study how adversity may (if chosen) be used for one’s benefit or betterment or increased virtue or… she was drawn to pay forward what authors and teachers shared with her to be of service to others.

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I am deeply grateful to many people, some of whom I have never met whose books and insights aided my rise from my fall, and to those who were there for me during my fall who believed in my rise. 


10% of all profits are being donated to Lyme Disease charities and/or those in great need.


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