No. 1 – Up/Down Balance

No. 1 – Up/Down Balance

Dear One,

The worldwide unprecedented situation sometimes has a feeling (for me) like our world has fallen into an abyss.

The more I learn, the less I realize I know so I hesitated sharing breadcrumbs from my last 12 year’s of journey before now…

However, it seems the time has come to share tidbits added together over time which opened me to thinking about new possibilities. 

Not fake, pink-colored happy faces.  Real, mini-tweaks in thinking which added up, incrementally, to a different perspective.  This, little by little, aided me in going from hopeless to hopefull (not a typo).

Without further ado, here’s No. 1 (which Bob Proctor touched on recently in a Q&A)…

The worse things are, the greater the times ahead will be.  I hear you if you’re thinking, it seems preposterous, whacky and false.  Or if you feel irritated by even the concept right now.  Hang on…

The Law of Rhythm (yep, it has a name) indicates that energy is like a pendulum.  If something swings right, then it will swing left; if something goes up, then it will go down.  (To me, it’s similar to Newton’s 3rd law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction).

When times are meh (so-so) bad, the better times ahead will be meh (so-so) good.  And, when times are very, very bad (uh, now), the times ahead will be the opposite – very, very good.

During a decade of illness where I lost relationships, my business and nearly my life, it felt (at times) like all was lost. Thankfully, stem cells, Grace & much self study swung the pendulum and (hooray God), I’m well (& humbled) today. 

Sometimes this is hard to hold, alas I’m passing this along as (maybe) just mulling it over might offer a bit of hope? 

I believe that the opposite of these times are ahead…and am holding this Light for you on an extremely dark path.

With heartfelt gratitude (that you actually read to here & for the gift of you in this world) – and for hope for better days ahead,


Original Email Date April 17, 2020

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