No. 3 – Acceptance

No. 3 – Acceptance

Dear One,

If you’re new to Rising from Falling™, a very warm welcome.  My intention here is to share ideas such that (perhaps) you’ll consider trials as having possibilities of something valuable (even if itty-bitty) within them. 

I acknowledge that this is not an easy task (or, sometimes, it seems rather impossible given our current worldwide state of affairs).  Recently reading the global pandemic cases and death toll, I wept.  These are our fellows; each is someone’s mother or sister, father or brother, child or friend, loved one or neighbor.  I grieve, with you and our world, for them all.

Then I thought, what on earth am I doing?  

This global crisis is creating loss, pain, suffering, and chaos as lives are lost, upended, torn from normalcy.  I doubted the value of the message my heart seeks to pass along.  How could this be of service in all we are living through?  

Honestly, I was considering giving these emails up (which have now become a podcast) – after just starting. 

Alas, I let it be.  I recognized and surrendered to the feelings of desperation and disbelief.  Oh my, the tears fell.  

Feeling adrift in a sea of loss, instead of pushing it under, or setting it aside, or ignoring the gnawing at my insides, I decided, consciously (although not easily) to Accept it.  Letting the fear just be there for the time being and roll through me, the wave subsided and Truth began to rise.  

With wobbly legs as a tiny ones first steps, I chose to carry on with these emails (and now a podcast)…  Because continuing efforts aiming towards Truth has aided me in my return to the land of the living and sharing strategies regarding rising from falling truly calls to me – as I wholeheartedly feel that anyone can rise. 

I deeply believe adversity and utter darkness can possibly be used (with effort and attempts, over and over) to find an improved way through life’s tunnels.  

Although it sounds bizarre, I’d not trade nearly losing everything.  The horrific path created in me Acceptance and compassion I don’t think I’d have gained via another route.  So, onward I trudge, aiming to shine light on your path.  Even if it is just one tiny candle, for you, for today, in this moment.

For me, Acceptance of my journey and of late was/is a starting point and a pivotal piece for me of reaching ‘the other side’.

As Neale Donald Walsch notes ‘Healing is the process of Accepting all and choosing best’ (and I interpret this as healing in a universal sense). 

Choosing Acceptance of profound difficulty was a beginning step on my road to here.  I realized (thanks to an awesome therapist and much reading) that I could not deal with nor move through that which I did not Accept. 


With baby steps, I acknowledged a not-so-easy-to-stomach reality of illness, losses and challenges.  Practicing trusting the Divine helped me with Accepting a harrowing decade and its fallout; the resulting grace of humility brought Acceptance not just of my vulnerabilities and weaknesses but of others too.  

Gradually choosing to Accept my (or others) imperfections & challenges instead of resisting or pushing past or ignoring them opened me to a more flexible, more tolerant approach to difficulties large and small.  In choosing a mindset of ‘process over perfection’, I noticed more options regardless of the problem and, the gift I most treasure, more peace.  

Sidebar: nit picking or trying to control outcomes diminished too (although I am still very much a work in progress!)

Saying ‘O.K.’ to myself (over and over and sometimes over again) reminds me to aim towards Accepting whatever is going on.  O.K. doesn’t mean I agree, or like, or approve of ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is), just that I choose to Accept reality (or lean towards Accepting it).  

Again, little by little works better for me.  I also asked/ask for Acceptance during quiet meditation/prayer time.  This silent time with God gradually became my daily ‘do’ that’s led to Acceptance & insights (which I’d have never come up with alone). 

Although choosing Acceptance did not quite come naturally (an understatement), as I continue to ask and find my way to Accepting what comes, calm and truths and peace eventually show up.  This makes Acceptance a choice I plan to continue making because it helps me face and maneuver through challenges of all sizes. 

1 day at a time, 1 hour at a time, or 1 moment at a time.

With (more) Acceptance of the path, gratitude for you and prayers for our world,


Original Email Date May 1, 2020

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