No. 9 – Giving

No. 9 – Giving

Dear One,

My continued intention is to share what aided my rise from deep difficulty such that you may perhaps find a stronger, wiser, more aware or more whatever ‘you’ in your challenge(s) and/or in your life.

For continued healing in my life (on many levels) and rising (an eternal journey, I think), Giving has become a focus.  Here’s why.

“Giving, which is the first or fundamental law of life, is the first law of all creation” per Raymond Holliwell in ‘Working with the Law.’

This pertains to overcoming difficulty because in this Law of Receiving, Holliwell explains, “if you wish any good thing, you must first Give some good to build upon.” 

I’ll kindergarten-ize it (i.e., simplify.)

Give and, in turn, receive.

How does this pertain to rising from falling…?

“We are continually drawing into life what we Give and expect.  Whether we attract good or bad, it is governed by the same principle,” says Holliwell.

When I was in the dark depths, I was focused on me – my losses, my desperation, my suffering.  Very little Giving. 


Being told, ‘you gotta Give to get’ was an eye-opener and something clicked in me; I felt change in this department (among others) was imperative in rebuilding my life.  (An understatement.)

So, little by little, I Gave it a whirl.  Some days better than others.  (And, other days/times, hardly at all.)  Alas, I kept at it.  And, my life, nearly imperceptibly at first, began to shift.  And shift.   

In myriad ways, Giving was possible – in thought, intention, word and/or deed.  It could be itty bitty (or invisible inner work) or bigger (and perhaps more visible and impactful to others).

It’s individual what this looks like however it might look like…

• praying (and Giving time to the Divine),

• listening (and Giving attention to loved ones focusing on their needs – yet not ignoring one’s own),

• sharing (and Giving of one’s self to others – by, perhaps, telling your story such that you shine a light), or

• volunteering (and Giving time or talents to a calling, a cause, a movement)… 

The list is endless.

And, truly, I found Holliwell’s sage advice life enriching.  The most satisfying and appreciated returns I received from Giving were intangibles.  I noticed that I was listened to during a dodgy time by someone to whom I had Given more (and improved) attention; another with whom I’d confided my small wins shared more of his joy-filled personal moments with me.

“Whatever you desire in the way of health, success, happiness, … [perhaps consider] starting toward it, start it on its way by this procedure.  The Law works.”

Giving bears wonderful fruit.

Givingly & lovingly,


Original Email Date June 14, 2020

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