No. 10 – Focus

No. 10 – Focus

Dear One,

I continue to hold the intention of sharing with you possibilities to consider for moving through difficulty and/or adding improvements to life.  Overcoming challenge for me and discovering continued favorable progress includes shifting ‘Focus’.

Because “what you Focus on is what you get” from ‘The Go-Giver’ by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

Whether books I read, such as the above, were or are about self-compassion, success or healing, this lesson about Focus was directly or indirectly incorporated into many.

For me, this discovery was helpful and beneficial as I realized that for years I Focused in thought, word and deed on illness, lack, or loss.  Not intentionally, alas there it was.  What I dwelt on lingered in my life. 

When I felt out of options on my healing journey and, hence, fervently studied what worked well in people’s lives and businesses, Focus cropped up.  Not infrequently. 

People who Focused on or held in their hearts their dreams, love, or even healing seemed to have a better chance of finding what they Focused upon.

As I observed my thinking (oh my – that was an awakening), I grew cognizant that I explored unfruitful rabbit holes – Focused on what I hoped to move away from.

With this new awareness, I practiced shifting my Focus incrementally by doing things like…

 – reducing my time on social media that discussed lack or illness while increasing my time reading about what I love (like books on topics about which I now write to you),

 – decreasing my reading about what seemed wrong with me and expanding my intake of information about faith, success and renewal, and

 – lessening my scrutiny of what did not work and opening my mind to options that could.

Focusing on my heart’s desires, actually, little by little, helped me find more and more of the Light.

The journey of Focusing on the good that I desire is one I am still on. 

Sometimes I daydreamed vividly about or, still, ponder outcomes I long for that I didn’t or do not yet see instead of ruminating a rather less-than-terrific situation. 

In choosing to think on and aim towards the direction I longed to go (instead of looking in the rear view mirror or mulling what was amiss), my Focus gradually shifted and, eventually, my preferred circumstances more often showed up. 

I practiced and still cultivate gratitude in advance (which felt uncomfortable initially) yet it decreased negative scenario ruminations.  When positive results occurred, I doubled down on gratitude with hand written thank yous to those who helped.  Including such happenings in my daily gratitude journal before bed Focused my mind on uplifting topics instead of areas of my life I might critique. 

As Philippians 4:8 says ‘brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.’

I’m still working on Focusing as it’s a process making progress.

It’s a worthwhile effort though because I’ve found it to be true what Tony Robbins suggests; “your life is controlled by what you Focus on.”

Whether your current situation leaves you feeling troubled or despairing or you are looking to improve, I deeply believe in your ability to Focus on what you love, on Divine possibilities, and/or on a you that makes your soul smile,


Original Email Date June 21, 2020

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