No. 16 – Gut Knowing

No. 16 – Gut Knowing

Dear One, 

As I offer you ideas I discovered during my journey to wellness, my heartfelt intent is to be of service to you in growing from challenges and even discovering more fulfillment, new possibilities, and/or professional success. 

A catalyst and continued assist in my rising from a far falling was ‘Gut Knowing.’ 

Even when it makes no sense or the world disagrees, if something doesn’t feel right in my Gut, I now aim to honor this.

As Debasish Mridha said, “follow reason, but don’t ignore that Gut Feeling.  We create reasons with our limited knowledge and experience, but Gut feelings often come from universal knowledge.”

This was partly what enabled my ascent from hardship and continues to inform me in making wiser, more beneficial decisions. 

Three years ago, I was still sick after 10 years of treatments and worse in ways after an alternative treatment went amiss; my life seemed to be slipping through my fingers. 

I felt utterly lost despite supportive folks who offered thoughtful or professional ideas to aid my traversing a great – ok, enormous – chasm.  Various treatments hardly helped; hope nearly disappeared. 

Yet, deep deep deep within my Gut, a soft nudging, a gentle encouragement flickered.  Not really a voice.  A feeling about what I needed to do.  Barely noticeable, it was a continuing Gut Knowing, an intuitive sense. 

It was not quite a popular choice – hence, I followed others’ well-intended suggestions and advice for a while – and, continued to crater. 

Meanwhile, my Gut quietly prodded, whispered, hinted another treatment idea that seemed a bit far-fetched and didn’t really relent. 

The suggestion was another nontraditional choice after my previous one resulted in fallout that worldly wisdom had not a clue how to correct. 

Feeling out of viable choices, I took the risk and followed my Gut’s direction or heart-led Wisdom, and received what ended up being my final, effective treatment. 

Afterwards, I noticed itty-bitty improvement yet wellness was miles and miles away.  Heartened by the glimmer, I again began to honor my Gut as it had prompted this positive step. 

I prayed.  I studied.  I listened.  I devoted my time to learning ideas from authors and mentors wiser than I on how to approach life differently and, hopefully, heal.  

Wisdom from books was like oxygen to me; I devoured new information without sharing my internal work nor surveying opinions on this tactic. 

It was on me.  And, on God. 

Little by little, I kept pursuing Gut-led work and progress accumulated … until, several months later, wellness surfaced. 

Incrementally, nearly imperceptibly, Divine grace, stem cells, and hours of daily and nightly self-work healed and changed me.  I continue to evolve, rise, and discover which seems like a lifelong process. 

The results due to following Gut Knowing are ones for which I am deeply grateful.  To God. 

My new belief is that gifts, such as my realization on the importance of Gut Knowing, can be found and even grow in darkness – albeit at times they are very well hidden. 

If it’s possible for me to use Gut Knowing as a guide, I trust it is possible for others to Listen, rise from falls, and even uplevel because, at our cores, I believe we are all created of the same, essential Divine schtuff (incorrect spelling intended). 

After my experience, I “don’t dismiss any of the thoughts or ideas that come.  [My and] your Gut is [a] compass.  Others would call this ‘instrument’ heart or intuition.  Whatever it is, listen to it.  Anything it points to is a resource” per Victoria Ichizli-Bartels.

Yes.  Indeed.

With heart-led belief in the possibility of your Gut Knowing rise – and upliftment,


Original Email Date:  August 5, 2020

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