No. 20 – Creating

No. 20 – Creating

Dear One,

My heartfelt intention is sharing realizations on growing from adversity that help, too, with improving life.  May this, perhaps, serve you in finding your way to new possibilities and living even better.

This offering which aided and still aids me is ‘Creating.’

In difficulty, it felt like what I touched turned to ash.  Creating anything of value wasn’t remotely on my mind.

Yet, from a barely discernable nudging or a Gut Knowing which I nearly ignored, I filled my head and heart – voraciously consuming books and meditating/praying.  With written or audio books.  While teeth brushing, laundry folding, or meal prep-ing.  Before bed or in the morning or anytime there was open space for me.

I devoured diverse and strange-to-me-at-first ideas that sometimes felt ‘irritating’ or ‘wrong’ such that I would learn new ways to hopefully and eventually heal.  What I hadn’t realized was that these ideas would not only aid my healing, they’d lead to increased inner satisfaction (the best part) and more fulfilling relationships and successful business matters.

I listened and read, while looking inward and upward, to what felt deeply like valuable wisdom from those more sage than I.

Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations with God Book 1’ reminded me each time I read it, “you are the Creator of your reality.”  Although I thought it was bunk at first, the concept haunted me.  And intrigued me.  An itty-bitty Light glimmered within.  

I kept wondering…

If Neale Donald Walsch, Anita Moorjani as described in ‘Dying to be Me,’ and others can rise and thrive from their abysses, why not me? 

I doubled down on George Bernard Shaw’s words; “life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about Creating yourself.”

The more I mulled, committed to, and practiced new ideas, my belief in what I might Create, thanks to Divine Grace, increased.  Pockets of peace or snippets of love arrived as sweet nuggets of relief to my days.

I asked no one’s permission nor surveyed others’ opinions.  Revolutionary, at the time, for a reforming, people-pleasing perfectionizer.

My thoughts became more of a sanctuary than a prison camp. 

Over time and Incrementally, I more often felt … differently.  Calmer and, thanks to Grace, more like the True ‘me’ than I ever had.  I slowly healed and, using what I learned, initially unknowingly and then with intent, these ideas improved and continue to improve how I interact with others – personally and professionally.  

Not only did these concepts support healing, they aided me in discovering, as the Romans called it, “the good life.”  Really.

As Oprah Winfrey noted, you actually can “step out of the history that is holding you back [and] step into the new story you are willing to Create.”

Then, the pandemic dawned; I wondered how I might possibly help.  What could I do?

It occurred to me that offering my journey’s discoveries, thanks to others who generously shared with me, might serve others.  Initially, I doubted this idea.

Yet, the nudging of Gut Knowing urged me to Create – to encourage others, to elevate others, to help by offering ideas for improvements.  Because, I have seen this be effective not just in my own life; I have read about, seen, and heard it work for others. 

Hence, with doubts and mistakes, these writings were born.

Using your significant gifts and, Divine Downloads – which I believe we all receive – Creating what calls to you and what is in your heart is possible. 

Even if it sounds farfetched at this time.  What if you maybe mull, consider, or reflect on it – even if just a wee bit?  Little by little, a little can become a lot.

As Bob Proctor said, “you have been given Creative abilities.  Let your Thinking control your reality.” 

Creations could be …

• A delicious meal,

• A few moments of thanks,

• A beautiful painting or divinely smelling soap,An open-hearted conversation with a friend,

• A supportive post-it note to a child or dear one,

• A bridge via an email, text, call, Zoom or meeting to someone with whom you don’t see eye to eye,

• An open mind to a novel idea that you received – yet may be doubting, or

• Whatever you are dreaming up or holding in your heart…

You can Create beauty – even from ashes.  Or beauty wherever you go, in whatever you do, at any time. 

What you Create has the potential to transform your life and the lives of others.


With my deep, heartfelt belief in you – and your ability to Create what you desire,


Original Email Date:  September 21, 2020

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