No. 30 – Honoring Others

No. 30 – Honoring Others

Dear One,

I continue to hold the intention of sharing ideas to encourage, support, and empower you.

Leaning upon and standing on the shoulders of Others – both human and Divine – is a beautiful way to journey through life when all is dandy.  It helps ease the way through challenges, too.

I ‘Honor Others’ – who enable or assist anyone to find Light especially in pain and trouble.

This post, a bit changed from priors, Honors Others who keep on keeping on such that, eventually, in trials, some virtue or benefit is perhaps discovered.  Or, who make the path less lonely or less painful by Their presence.  

In difficulty, there are those who rise up, who sacrifice for others, or who illuminate shadows – to allow for reaching the Other Side.  Or, who make one-day-at-a-time possible.

This e-toast, if you will, Honors those who serve Others experiencing an illness, a lost business, a pandemic, a tragedy, or…

This is for them or perhaps for you, for husbands and wives and children and family, for friends and business colleagues, for teachers and professors and educators, for nurses and doctors and healthcare and homecare providers, for transportation staff and food services crews, for clinical researchers and manufacturing and IT folks, for security and pharmacy workers, for retail and grocery store staff, for emergency and public and community workers, for laundry and mortuary service providers, for veterinary and supply chain teams … the list goes on.

For everyone sacrificing and/or doing their jobs, their duties, their responsibilities, or their obligations – despite risks – so that ill are comforted or cared for, bills are paid, children are educated, food is dispersed, and help is given in myriad ways.  Sometimes at significant cost.  For those with needs of 1 kind or another.

This toast is from all of us, teary with Gratitude, to Honor you or those who have been –

• Committed – to those on an arduous personal, professional, or COVID path,

• Courageously working to benefit others – despite fears and upheaval,

Persistent and present – in uncertainty,

• Strong & caring – even though, perhaps, at times – you or they felt or feel weak or wobbly,

Flexible & patient – as Changes.  Kept. – Or Keep. – Coming (and Coming), and/or

Compassionate and creative – amongst challenges.

We see you and your service.

We hear you and your Love in many Acts of assistance.  And, appreciate your perseverance – when facing yet another day, test, cost, or loss seems daunting.

We acknowledge you and ALL extra you have taken on or do take on.

We praise you, we admire you, we salute you, and we thank you – from the bottom of our hearts – for all that you’ve tirelessly given or continue to Give.

Let’s raise our virtual glasses Honoring incredible Others devoted to helping our world who have “above all these put on Love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”  Colossians 3:14

With admiration, and, even, adoration to all shining Light – especially in dark – and being of Divine service to Others,


Original Email Date:  December 13, 2020

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