No. 31 – Starting

No. 31 – Starting

Dear One,

With an intention of supporting and empowering your finding Light in your life which can also aid traversing adversity to a potentially improved side, this offering to you is ‘Starting.’

When perfectionism hollers bunk like – You’re not right, You got it wrong, Are you seriously thinking this is good enough? – the desire to dive back in bed, pull covers fully overhead, and forget whatever there is to do is, well, strong. 

Sound familiar?

Perfectionism used to bully me quite a bit and, with doing what I write and speak about, I took my Power back.  Yet, perfectionism got an upper hand after said reformation – Grrrr – and it felt like I was hardly making ground.  With the sensation of treading water – with nose just above water level. 

In that and similar situations, Starting remarkably helped.

In a Process over Perfection way.  Just.  Begin.  Again.  To practice – Starting.

With an end longed for in mind alas without knowing specific step-by-step How. 

This even works in hardest times when the mind claims Starting most things – let alone finding a way out – is near impossible.  In reality, it’s a legitimate strategy to moving forward.  Or, inch-by-inching ahead.  Any progress is better than no progress.

Marilu Henner’s words sum this well; “don’t let perfectionism become an excuse for not getting Started.”  Can I getta Amen?

By Starting, guessing, experimenting – with almost anything when feet feel pinned in cement, taking a risk, giving a treatment/decision/method/approach/option a whirl, reaching the other side is not only possible.  It becomes probable. 

Yep.  Really.

Starting and “making it easy” as James Clear describes with the Third Law of Behavior Change in Atomic Habits most Action is do-able.

With Starting, there’s no need to be quite right – and being wrong is ok – as it offers a better chance of finding The Way than doing nothing does. 

If success likelihood of a plan that is Started is a meager 1%, it’s better than the likelihood of success with no Start.  The second scenario reduces chances of discovering a fruitful path to … zilch.

It’s curious that –

By Starting, somehow, even if an initial Start is ‘lame’ or ‘poor’ or ‘not fab’, it eliminates such options and helps discover what is ‘more’ right. 

In healing, moving through profound difficulty, doing business, and/or dealing with life in general, Light on the path shows up after a Start.  In time, options open and, sometimes Incrementally options open and a way grows increasingly clear.

Then…  Momentum builds.  Ideas flow.  And, I think, the Divine arrives and lends a hand. 

Starting, in the direction of the heart’s desire, helps uncover a way through.  Truly.

With my heartfelt belief in y-o-u and your ability to Start & finish – and discover your other, even better, side,


Original Email Date:  January 3, 2021

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