No. 32 – Unity

No. 32 – Unity

Dear One,

To serve y-o-u with an intention of elevating, alleviating, and illuminating your way, I offer you ‘Unity.’

Ever feel alone or separate or find ‘me’ thinking isolating?  Perhaps there’s a feeling of disconnection from others with whom there’s disagreement?

If so, I hear you.  When I big time floundered in the past, I felt and acted like an island in a sea of pain. 

This me-focusing can have quite a downside.  The results of which are described in MindValley’s Vishen Lakhiani YouTube interview of Neale Donald Walsch – who says –

“Basically my life was Focused on me.  Fascinatingly, even though my life was focused on me, my life wasn’t working.  Happiness [and success] lasted [only] a little while.  It just comes in and goes out.  I never seem[ed] to get to the top of the mountain.  When is the struggle over?”

In midst of my challenges, a sage suggested that me-focusing could use a Unity upgrade; this is echoed in the same YouTube:

“Your life is … about [those] whose life you touch and the way in which you touch them.  You don’t have to set aside all of your goals, objectives, desires.  It is about achieving them, working [and moving] toward them in a whole different way for a whole different reason.  If you are doing those things to enrich the lives of everyone whose life you touch, watch the world fall in on you – with wonder and joy and celebration.  But if you are doing those things to gather…, get…, have more…, that you just want to get as much as you can for yourself, if that’s your prime motivation, you are going to be struggling every day for the rest of your life…  [Instead], seek ye first [Unity] and all these things [you need and desire] will be added unto you.”

Leaning towards one human family thinking and Unity beckons alas resisting it or Choosing otherwise can happen.

Instead of following my mind’s false assertions to find a solo way through, increasing trust in an advisor’s wisdom prompted experimenting with tiny choices honoring Unity. 

Holding my husband’s hand, fully Listening when another family member spoke (sans cell phone checking), or doing minor extras for loved ones were Starting places for me. 

In doing what assists others and Acting As If others needs are more important, fears can Incrementally reduce, suffering may decrease, and burdens possibly lighten.

Unity or working together – even with disagreeing folks – can diminish the feeling of or even the reality of threats and dismantle hubris’s untruths.  Ultimately, this aided my alignment to healing – and, eventually, supported success in other endeavors.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  Y E S to this African Proverb.

The truth is ‘Unity over Self’ does turn obstacles upside down as Ryan Holiday notes in ‘The Obstacle is the Way.’  When US Navy Vietnam War pilot, James Stockdale, was shot down and captured as a POW by Japanese, his use of Unity above Self led his troops through POW horrors, enabling survival.  For some, like young – later Senator – John McCain, this taught the impactful value of assisting others. 

Being a or having a partner, spouse, friend, neighbor, co-worker, therapist, or advisor stand by, remain Connected, have one’s back, speak Truths, support, and encourage are Unifying choices. 

Unity enables potentially seeing differently/in a more helpful way, encourages beneficial choices, multiplies harmony, and One Step at a time may increase improvements or growth possibilities.  

Roman slave turned writer, Publilus Syrus’s suggestion, turns out to be accurate; “where there is Unity, there is always victory.”  

In Acting in a more Unified fashion, Love shows up, power is magnified, and strength (in numbers) arrives on life’s scene.  Really.

Here’s to Uniting and Rising into possible remarkable results.  Together,


Original Email Date:  January 9, 2021

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