No. 33 – Noticing

No. 33 – Noticing

Dear One,

To be of service to you, my intention is to share ideas that illuminated my way through troubles which then fruitfully changed me for the better.  Here, I offer you ‘Noticing.’

Ever feel like you are circling the same mountains – AKA issues – not quite Noticing what’s less than beneficial?  

Or, that you have habitual thoughts or make some decisions not quite in line with what’s for your – and others – highest good?

If so, you are preaching to the choir, friend.

Not reallllllly Noticing or paying attention to what I used to think and do meant I unknowingly, repeatedly, made similar mistakes.  Not intentionally alas there it was…

Thankfully due to books and sages, I realized change I longed for was possible by first Noticing what occurred in my mind and in behaviors that warranted shifting – or, an overhauling.  Just keeping it real here.

Because, I couldn’t do anything about that which I wasn’t aware; what I didn’t Notice, remained same ole, same ole. 

James Clear explains this in his enlightening book, Atomic Habits.

“The process of behavior change always starts with awareness.  You need to be aware of your habits before you can change them.”

Initially easier said than done for moi, the below ‘easy trick’ helped and helps me Notice.

Atomic Habits describes Pointing-and-Calling as an aid to bringing habits to a more conscious level. 

This mistake reduction system, utilized in Tokyo’s very highly thought of railway systems, is Pointing-and-Calling which reduces accidents by 30% and errors by about 85%.  James Clear notes Japanese train conductors use Pointing-and-Calling to Notice and make corrections if/when needed. 

“As each operator runs the train, they proceed through a ritual of pointing at different objects and calling out commands.  When the train approaches a signal, the operator will point at it and say, ‘Signal is green.’ … Before each train departs, staff members will point along the edge of the platform and declare ‘All clear!’  Every detail is identified, pointed at, and named.” 

Although I less often used or use the pointing aspect, Calling increased my Noticing and enabled change. 

When perfectionistic, black/white, all or nothing thinking surfaced, speaking what was happening out loud – or silently depending on the situation – such as ‘I’m perfectionizing’ Started a shift. 

Verbalizing and hearing myself Notice increases awareness of what could perhaps use some altering.  A Choice can then be kindly and gently better discerned; open mindedness, Gray Thinking, alternate solutions, and/or Process over Perfection can follow. 

Saying aloud or internally that which may be unproductive or kinda ill-advised aids in acknowledging and increasing consciousness regarding what’s going on.  Once on-purpose observation occurs, a selection of a different, worthwhile next Step can happen. 

Such improved mindfulness can, in time, grow into an overflow of Choices that make your heart sing.

In Noticing Thoughts or behaviors, you can truly become better at Incremental choices towards life improvements.  Honest ‘ta goodness. 

With heartfelt belief in you and that Noticing may be a starting point for favorable change, I wrap with a lotta love,


Original Email Date:  January 17, 2021

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