No. 36 – Words

No. 36 – Words

Dear One,

With my continued intention of sharing what aided me in turning adversity into Divine gifts such that this serves you in potentially discovering what’s truly possible, I offer you reflections on ‘Words.’

What potent power Words hold.

More than I ever imagined – until recent years.  

Spoken or written haphazardly, unintentionally, or displeasingly – among other less than flattering adjectives, I’ve felt within – and heard fly from my tongue – Words which didn’t quite serve my or others highest good.  Sigh.

Alas, Process over Perfection, friend. 

“The Words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing,” per Proverbs 12:18. 

More sage use of Words, including timing and tone, has become my practice – for healing, for Grace, for helping, for betterment.

With thought, care – and, ummm, caution, Words may be a super-tool.

When wielded orally or writing-ly, they have been known

…to create – or …destroy,
to empower – or …forbid,
to heal – or …sicken,
to endear – or …disenchant,
to hearten – or …discourage,
to treasure – or …betray,
to hope – or …despair,
to give – or …withhold,
to honor – or …shame,
to appreciate – or …criticize,
to aid – or …injure,
to approve – or …refuse,
to love – or …hate.

Don’t ever diminish the power of Words.  Words move hearts and hearts move limbs.”  Agreed, Hamza Yusuf. 

Masterful use of Words to inspire were employed by Winston Churchill as noted by Andrew Roberts in Churchill: Walking with Destiny.

Having delivered five million Words (not a typo) in speeches for the public, Churchill’s Word skills were “key to winning people’s hearts” per Roberts and Carmine Gallo.    

“Churchill used expressions and Words to give people hope and boost their morale as Nazi war planes bombed English towns and cities” and his “Words gave British citizen’s hope in their ‘darkest hour’” according to Gallo.

Aiming toward balance, it’s worth mentioning that there is a time and season for everything.  In difficulty, I found Pausing, Praying/Meditating, Waiting for emotion to die down, Silence – sans Words – can have merits in preventing a tricky situation from getting, well, more so.  Or, less Words may be more. 

Ultimately, Words I devoured in brilliant books, Listened to – sometimes repeatedly – on, wrote at length in journals and, now, share with you, gradually, transformed.  Not an overstatement.

“Kind Words’ … echoes are truly endless.”  Thank you, Mother Teresa.

Reflecting upon Words and their contribution bestowed upon all, I close lovingly and gratefully,


Original Email Date:  February 12, 2021

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