No. 37 – Grace

No. 37 – Grace

Dear One,

In intending to share what aided my rising from falling such that it serves you in turning tricky times into triumphs – or less painful and/or even potentially increasing peace, wisdom, or other virtues, I offer you ‘Grace.’

In simplest terms per Merriam-Webster, Grace is “…Divine assistance…”  As Paul Selig further explains, “Grace is the support of the Divine in your endeavors.” 

If an urge to stop here cropped up or a wee voice is saying ‘hogwash,’ consider bearing with me.  If that’s the page you are on, it’s ok.  I hear you; I’ve been there.

As much as human help has been an enormously appreciated gift, a few years ago my healthy, happy, thriving goal was far, far away.

Low on options, I switched tactics.  I’d tried much that hadn’t ended in my desired outcome hence I figured Grace was worth a shot.

At first, I experimented with dipping my toes in Mysterious waters.  With no idea if, how, or when Grace would appear.

I chose not to ask other humans about what to do, think, or say to access Grace. 

Having heard myriad ways to discover Grace, I followed my Gut Knowing combined with reading sage authors. 

To “make it easy” per James Clear in Atomic Habits, 2 minutes of Grace practice at a time made it feel doable to “master the habit of showing up” for prayer/meditation time. 

Without sophisticated methods, I’d call on Grace:

• As I walked out my front door and down the sidewalk.  Achievable.  Or,

• Stood in the laundry room, folding away.  2 birds, 1 stone.  Or,  

• Slipped away to sacred spaces.  More time, more fruit.  Or,

• Sat alone in a spare room.  Low effort that worked.  Or,

• Rested in bed.  Simple.   

And, I’d. Let. It. Fly.

Weeping, imploring, explaining, asking, praying, offering, meditating, sharing, and truth telling.  Perhaps with a moment or 2 of, uhhhh, strong language underlining my frustration.

Gradually, Incrementally, I poured myself out to the Divine. 

At times, I felt irritated because it seemed like I was slogging; other days, I hurried to the Silence to connect with Grace because of accumulating internal and external benefits. 

Slowly, sweet Grace slipped in unexpectedly, nestling alongside before I became fully aware of the Stillness, Peace, and Wisdom.

As Grace snippets grew more noticeable, it encouraged me to continue practicing.  I kept showing up.  Imperfectly.  For golden nuggets.

Over time, I sensed more support, increased discernment, new mercy, and additional Assistance.   

Beginning my days this way and sprinkling it throughout them was beneficial.  I kept it easy to remember and execute, especially when times felt dodgy, by using few-word-sayings sometimes in asking for Grace. 

When I skipped or skip this quiet time, my calm suffered or suffers as does quality time with loved ones and/or work performance.  Instead of really beating myself up, I begin again.  To call on Grace.   

Grace, for me, feels ebby and flowy with waxing and waning – although I gather this is my rather newbie experience as opposed to Truth.  I’m a work in progress. 

As Ryan Holiday writes in his Accept a Higher Power chapter in Stillness is the Key, “this seemingly simple step is hard…  It’s about surrender.  It’s about faith…  [It’s] let[ting] go, at the deep, soul level.”

For this reforming perfectionist who, formerly, would like all to be explainable, Grace has become an awe-some (in the truest sense) mystery that involves “forces beyond [my] comprehension.” 

Cultivating Grace has grown into my main go-to because of the Light and multiple improvements it’s brought to my life.   

I now believe that wherever one is, whoever one is, whatever is happening, Grace is possible – and a gift – for all. 

With endless Gratitude for Divine Grace – and you,


Original Email Date:  February 19, 2021

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