No. 39 – Listening Within

No. 39 – Listening Within

Dear One,

Listening Within’ to silent, soft Knowing resulted in discoveries, fruitful changes, and continuous evolving for me.  More often than not, by Listening and choosing a Process over Perfection approach, I keep on learning, Rethinking when I’m ‘wrong,’ shifting what I do for improvement, … annnnnnd repeat.

I realized a few years ago that instead of Listening to my intuition, I busied myself in various ways, at times ignored my Gut Knowing, and/or shamed or blamed myself internally. 

I overrode what my heart knew and, sometimes, people pleased by Listening to and even implementing other’s ideas on what was ‘best.’ 

These habits didn’t quite land me where I longed to go.

Improved Listening to gentle, discerning, inner nudges slowly aided my reaching the Other Side of intense hardship – and experiencing more calm to boot.

Amit Ray shares in Nonviolence: The Transforming Power, that “there is a God part in you.  The consciousness.  The pure self.  Learn to Listen to the voice of that Power.” 

I found this easier said than done though – especially initially.  With time, patience, and progressively making new Choices, my ability to tune in, notice, ‘hear’ or feel, and truly Listen Within improved and is improving. 

If you’re Questioning this, that’s ok; I actually encourage it so you may figure out what fits for you.  Perhaps consider mulling Ghandi’s words; “everyone who wills can hear the inner voice.  It is Within everyone.”

Gradually, Listening Within took cultivating and practicing:

• considering it an experiment when trying something new like this made it more achievable for moi.  Try starting with 1 or 2 easy situations and act on what arises when Listening Within.  If it feels do-able after success with lighter topics, consider progressing to more challenging ones, or

• carving out regular, solo stillness and/or quiet times.  Even 5 minutes helps, or

• walking in solitude clears and opens the mind to help me ‘hear,’ what I believe is Divine assistance given to all, or

• inquiring silently or aloud – depending on my location – about what I seek, or

• when an issue arises or conflict appears, choosing to Pause, Pray/Meditate, Wait, go Silent or take a Break from a challenging topic Gives a chance for this.  As opposed to seeing red and making less than sage choices.  Sigh.  Or,

• praying/meditating as a daily (or regular) discipline.  Again, short works.  Better to devote 5 or 10 minutes – or even 1 – than none.  Beginning with snippets of time, I grew this practice from there.  Keeping it real here, at times, it’s during a quiet, simple activity like laundry folding, car driving, or walking a 4 legged dear, and/or    

• noticing Thoughts or feelings associated with unclenched physical sensations.  A soft small smile, sense of clarity or relief, gentle sigh or longer deeper breath, relaxing shoulders, inner light-ness, or – sing it with me, the refrain of the old Eagles song – “a peaceful, easy feeling” can be signs for discerning my ‘right’ direction.

I find myself expressing Gratitude for insights or guidance received when I Listen Within as I’ve found such to be spot on – albeit sometimes a bit unconventional or not what was expected.

Writing or journaling what surfaces when Listening Within allows further mulling and fleshing out prior to taking Action

And, yes, re-applying to the above strategies after falling off the proverbial Listening wagon happens too.  

However, it’s worth it. 

Listening Within helped and helps me tune in to the Divine and answers that best serve me – and, in turn, serve others.  An increase in self-trust and peace with who I truly am – quirks and oopsies included – I’ve Noticed as other benefits.   

My younger self is gleeful in wrapping with a poem by dear Shel Silverstein who sums this topic better than I.

The Voice

There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
“I feel this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.”
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What’s right for you – – just Listen to
The voice that speaks inside.

May Listening Within guide you to more of your Wisdom and Grace,


Original Email Date:  April 12, 2021

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