No. 44 – Higher Power

No. 44 – Higher Power

Dear One,

With increasingly devoted intention to share ideas on growing from and maneuvering through challenges, such that these benefit you, I offer ‘Higher Power.’

The Divine. God of All. Infinite Intelligence. Higher Power has many names.

About which, volumes have been written, opinions run a vast spectrum, diverse faiths or beliefs exist, which I respect.

I’m simply and honestly ‘pen-ing’ what worked to shepherd me through profound difficulty and Higher Power – in spades – gets big credit for my personal rising.

To say otherwise would be untruth or even a disservice. I realize there’s risk in putting this out there due to the varying takes on the topic. However, with integrity and love, I continue to share.

Endless, boundless, exquisite, eternal Knowing is, I believe, how anything can be possible.

Wholeheartedly, I believe nothing else would have ultimately mattered had I not sought Divine Light.

On my knees, in dark where seeing my hand – inches before my face – felt impossible, after treatments failed, other options fizzled (and, oh my, did I try some stuff), doctors knew not what else to do, dear ones felt powerless, my earthly situation was not going too well. To say the least.

Hope slipping through my fingers, I Higher Power doubled down, turning inward and upward.

It would sound lovely to say it was Holy; ummmmm, that was not it.

The Divine was my despairing go-to as rock bottom was a real humbler that initiated seeking Divine Help.

Looking for solace, hope, benevolence, anything-redeeming-actually. I’d dabbled before my greatest hardship alas rather wishy-washily. The opportunity from dark was it, thankfully, led me to Light.

Without a road map, I sought the Divine. In my own way. Just me – and Silence.

Walking parking lots or sidewalks outside sacred spaces, sitting in chapels, strolling through nature, lying on sofas, driving around. At stop lights, in pickup lines, before during and after – Anything. Anywhere. Anytime. Any way. Thank goodness the Divine is available 24/7.

Asking. Weeping (silently or aloud depending on location). Thanking. Pleading. Inquiring. Praying. Beseeching. Complaining. Anguishing. Meditating. Appreciating… Holding nothing back.

There’re infinite ways to do this, I gather. To each his/her/own.

Divine golden threads can silently whisper from writings – audibly and in print, commercials, tea bags, songs, family, dreams, poetry, friends… you name it. Wisdom – from Higher Power, I believe and found, is everywhere. And, I think, within us all.

With seeking, Higher Power glimmers kept and keep, showing themselves. Tuning in via prayer or mediation time (even on the fly) increases hearing Love’s Soft Nudging.

Little by little, sometimes emerging from attention, one’s Sixth Sense – which I believe is Divine – can, remarkably, blossom. In stretches or mini snippets. Other times, Higher Power is evident upon hitting the skids. Ask me how I know…

No quotes today nor others’ voices. On purpose. Just me, offering you, Light which can transform, change, and guide. (Although, to be honest, at times I’m a reluctant, begrudging, hardly gracefull Light seeker. Even while I know it’s profoundly beneficial. Sigh.)

When I fall back on practicing or cultivating seeking Higher Power, I catch myself as my Peace factor goes down and my busying, rushing, worrying factor goes up.

In a Process Over Perfection way, I then begin again to practice questioning, thanking, releasing, hoping, listening, believing.

Also, if a next step is unknown or feels off, petty bits distract, wit’s end feels near, I circle back. To God.

For Peace. Beauty. Comfort. Grace. Understanding. Descernment. Mercy. Joy. Counsel. Goodness. Console-ment. Wisdom. Patience. Integrity. Truth. Self-control. Sublimeness. Direction. And, of course, Love.

For me, the Divine sustains, supports, advises, discerns, covers, heals, hopes… Ultimately, ’tis Love – which – wins.

My deep hope is that the beautiful Spirit of Light illuminates your path, aids traversing trials, and assists finnding and, then, maybe even improving your very best gifts. Which you may then, perhaps, share with – and help – our world. In a way only y-o-u can.

With Love and Higher Power Vibes flowing your way,


Original Email Date: June 04, 2021

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