No. 45 – Dreams

No. 45 – Dreams

Dear One,

My earnest intention is to share illuminating ideas for alleviating challenges and elevating you.

Here’s a mull-worthy nugget for using struggles as “catalysts for personal growth” (Kaufman & Gregoire) to improve your life. 


Major adverse events aided paring away what didn’t matter for me.  Detaching from what no longer served, unexpectedly, allowed space for Dreams. 

Kindled from hardly a spark, Dreams rose into reality.  Not despite tough stuff but as a result of it.

With pondering, a soul-deep dawning, a Gut Knowing, occurred. 

All can be over in a moment.  A flash. 

This resulted in “Creating real perspective and urgency” within.

As Ryan Holiday continues in The Obstacle is the Way, Michel de Montaigne, a 1500s French nobleman, was tossed from a galloping horse and barely survived.  Montaigne’s death brush triggered stock taking.  From this encounter emerged a new man, altered and improved. 

“Montaigne went on to write volumes of popular essays, serve 2 terms as mayor, travel internationally as a dignitary, and serve as a confidante of the king.”

His near-death encounter created an energizing, curious … inspiration.

Holiday notes Romans reminded themselves of ‘Memento Mori;’ our mortality is inevitable.  Invincibility – it’s made up.  This can even be ‘invigorating.’  Yep, really.

Priorities can alter; virtue seeking with humility seems wise, possible, even, probable.  Complaining may feel less productive and following Dreams an important, meaningful Choice.  

Instead of people-pleasing, should-ing, and/or following others Dreams, self-joy, and personal Dream chasing and possible catching can occur.

Leaning into and cultivating Dreams – which I believe are Divinely installed – can happen Incrementally

From tiny glimmers of far-off-seeming Dreams can rise Big, Hairy, Audacious Dreams – BHADs.  Jim Collins and Jerry Porras’s props from Built to Last credit for ¾ of that. 

There’s a Choice.

Lose one’s way then give up because of hardship – or use such pain for purpose.  AKA Dreams. 

In painful times, a sage asked me – Is there a way to hold the dichotomy of blessing and horror?  What if you are at the beginning of something in the midst of many endings?

Dismayed, grinding my teeth, I considered this.  Eventually, I agreed she had one heckuva point, realizing Power held within gives me Choices in how to see and make use of challenges. 

Accepting rain that falls, taking Responsibility for what’s controllable – perceptions, decisions, Actions, Thoughts (well, more of the time), … and Dreaming.  That’s on each of us.  Individually.

Not saying it was easy peasy – especially initially.

Brick by brick, I daily moved towards my healed Dream.  Read.  Prayed.  Acted As If.  Meditated.  Listened.  Reframed.  Gave up momentarily, tearily, or sat with fears and losses – then got back to ‘work’ later.

From authors and those wiser than I who’d succeeded in healing, business, and spirituality, I consumed helpful content. 

Practicing facing the fear of failure, I took risks.  I tried new-to-me ideas or experimented with what seemed initially bogus or irritating as it conflicted with my old beliefs.  And, I belly-flopped at times.  Yet, imperfectly, Dreams slowly morphed – and continue to do so – from mini hidden hopes …  to healed …  to Rising from Falling.

Unsure where to begin?  I get it.  This Ten Habits of Highly Creative People article by S. B. Kaufman & C. Gregoire offers ideas from which Dreams can surface.  Like with Play, Solitude, or Daydreaming – all of which helped me. 

If this gal, who seemed nearly a lost cause can – with Divine help – see Dreams become reality, think of what you could do.  Your incredibleness, your scrumptiousness can shine.  Perhaps consider it and, as Aerosmith sings …  “Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, Dream until your Dreams come true.”   

May you consider “Dreams are the seedlings of realities” and take your first or next step to bring your beautiful Dreams to fruition,


Kudos to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich for the closing quote.

Original Email Date:  June 11, 2021

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