No. 49 – Loving

No. 49 – Loving

Dear One,

My genuine intention is to share illuminating ideas that alleviated my challenges such that this supports you in elevating.

‘Loving’ is back of all Rising from Falling work and hopefully all that I do.  At least that’s the goal. 

It is what I desire to do as part of serving you and it’s this writing’s topic.

I mistakenly did not do this consistently, inwardly or outwardly, or – at times at all – in the past; still, I am practicing.  My aim is Loving in a Process over Perfection manner.  As in, keeping at it, albeit imperfectly.  I have my stumble moments, friend.  Ahem.

In Loving myself and others – eventually, gradually, Incrementally – in hard times, Rising from dark depths grew more do-able.

What is Loving though?  How on earth to incorporate it into minutes, days, months, years?

Oxford Language defines Loving as “feeling or showing Love or great care.”

To me, ‘tis Love in Action and it’s Divine.  Which can Create amazing outcomes.

Love is the Way’s Michael Curry, AKA the Bishop who spoke of love at Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan’s wedding describes the potential Loving has.  

“Love is an Action is the only thing that has ever changed the world for the better.”

And, changing one’s life for the better or aiding others in bettering.  All of this is, ultimately, Loving.

Love is a firefighter running into a burning building, risking his or her life for people he or she doesn’t even know.  Love is that first responder hurtling towards an emergency, a catastrophe, a disaster.  Love is someone protesting anything that hurts or harms the children of God…”

Love in Action, Loving, is a Gift.  To Ourselves and Others – 2 or 4 legged. 

Here are some of the myriad ways to ooze Love, with small or grand gestures:

• Hearing another in their struggle.  Compassionately.  Perhaps utilizing Matthew Barzun’s acronym a.l.s.o. – ask, listen, serve, open up – instead of telling, fixing, or pressing for what one is unready to share,

• Petting a middle schooler neighbor’s dog after a knock on the door, mid workday, while to-do list hollers,

Accepting one’s self, dear ones, or others.  The core philosophy of Yamabushi monks of northern Japan has 1 word for such “acceptance to the core;” it’s Uketamo.  “I humbly accept with an open heart,” as beautifully noted by Omar Itani here.

• Carving out self-care time – via nutrition, movement, prayer/meditation, or whatever toots your horn,

Choosing generosity is like letting a frazzled parent and tot go in front of you in a grocery store line.  Bonus – if done when said parent looks at wit’s end while wee one cries at fever pitch,

Being Flexible when plans change last minute with a lonely, elderly friend and rescheduling for 3 days hence because you feel s/he is in quite a state,

– Allowing Mistakes to be Practice and calmly responding to one’s self or a child upon breaking a plate, failing to follow up, or losing a favorite sweatshirt, Expressing Gratitude and praise for effort when a risk is taken – and a belly flop results, 

– Honoring Gut Knowing and Trusting yourself regarding a new business venture, a faltering friendship, or a caring yet vulnerable social media post,

– Setting healthy boundaries such as having a difficult family discussion privately or saying a gracious no to an event that would prevent planned self-care time,

– Taking Responsibility for a work error when it could be easily covered up or wouldn’t have been noticed, and/or

– Connecting via a mini text with a not-too-well-known other after seeing tears rise and be quickly wiped away at a school gathering.  Not to pry, just to simply show that they matter.

In Loving others, what is Given is – in one way or another – Received. 

Continuing to cultivate Loving others magnifies and amplifies Love in our own lives.

Plus, in Loving one’s self, the silently broadcast message goes out regarding your expectations for how deserve to be treated.  Because you are worthy of all kinds of massive Loving…Really.

“A Loving heart IS the truest Wisdom.”  You betcha, Charles Dickens.

May you feel Loving in these words and give your precious self and others even more Loving,


Original Email Date:  July 9, 2021

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