No. 52 – More on Connection

No. 52 – More on Connection

Dear One,

With an intention of encouraging, supporting, and elevating Y-O-U from exactly where you are to an even more fab you, here’s more on a noteworthy golden nugget:  ‘Connection.’

Oh, how it matters.  For personal and collective wellbeing. 

Maybe Connection’s import seems overstated to you or you feel disconnected, alone, or on an island unable to ponder Connection with anyone.

If so, I hear you; I’ve been there.

Formerly, I believed the untruth that ‘we are all islands, bootstrap and do it yourself, you got this solo’ schpeel.

The perfectionistic idea is that I can handle stuff on my own.

Until, at my lowest low, illness raged in a nearly-devouring-me dark. 

I felt I. Cannot. Take. It.  The loss, pain, horror created immense separation and distance between me and others. 

So, I gave in and gave up. 


Said, ‘here, God.  You deal with it because this chick’s drowning and needs to find a new way.’ 

And, then, I read.  First a bit.  Then more and more.  Read, read, reading about people who made it. 

In all kinds of ways.  Through war, illness, divorce, trauma, business fall-apart.

I devoured novel to me ideas like oxygen to a flame. 

To what seemed averse however my way, the solo way, the island way wasn’t cutting it.

A common thread within books, podcasts, and articles about Stoicism, spirituality, or business success floated up. 

Connection works.

Unity is strength.

Collaboration yields more and better.

Togetherness produces fruitful results.

Like – a company reversed from bankruptcy’s brink via a unifying leader replacing a divisive one, or a person who healed by focusing on Connection of body, mind, emotions in lieu of separation of all their ‘parts.’

“A view based on union fosters thoughts supportive of life, and opposite of lack, hatred, and use of power to control anyone” per Scott Miners, Well Being Journal.

The Truth is Connection is full of power.  At its core, it’s love.

Anything done well takes others and a mindset of Connection. 

Like, my 2017 healing.  Took all parts of me – mind, body, spirit.  Plus support, belief, fresh ideas – from others.

More recently, my creating Rising from Falling did too. 

It entailed and continues to expand via multiple talented folks – smarter than I in their gifted areas – working together.  To create the whole. 

Connection makes it work. 

Remarkable, bright friends said ‘yes’ to harebrained-seeming initial ideas.

Incredible tech partner who makes baby time draft ideas captivate.

Supportive teammates rolled-up sleeves – and still do – to hone novel, first, roughly presented thoughts.

Photography genius adds profound yumminess that captures truth and emotions.

A Podcast consultant willingly shared his brilliance.

Lyme leader offered sound expertise.

Multiple businesswomen gave (and give) wisdom on what works – and what doesn’t. 

Family pitch in to make dinner.  Etc., etc., etc.

Connection – within and externally – heals, hones, soothes, supports, expands, enhances.

My hope, today, is you’ll consider 1 tiny step.  In Connection’s direction.  Which makes your heart smile.

Then, imagine how this may ripple out in untold magnificent ways.

With mega love – and gratitude for Connection with dear you,


Original Email Date: July 30, 2021