No. 54 – Finding Good

No. 54 – Finding Good

Dear One,

With an intention of sharing illuminating, alleviating, and elevating ideas for you, I offer ‘Finding Good.’

Have you blanched at a painful experience?  Balked, freaked out, or, lost it?  Not seen any Good in these situations?

Oh how I hear you; I’ve been there.  

Troubling times can seem fully … without gifts. 

The Finding Good within sandpaper-wrapped situations may be difficult.  Circling issue mountain sinking in quicksand occasionally is a thing.  Let’s face it, there are far from easy circumstances.  To say the least. 

In an Audible book I read (yet am currently unsure of), a man was described who replied ‘Good’ to whatever came his way.  Successful – in a global sense in multiple areas – relationships, business, and most important to me, peace-filled, I pondered the potential value in such an approach.     

Upon hearing this a few years ago, I experimented with it.

Starting in minimal distress situations.  A broken glass, minor error, or lost comfy sock. 

Beginning with low-risk scenarios, Finding Good success is possible. 

Gradually, applying the Finding Good strategy to more tricky issues becomes tolerable and doable. 

The benefits I found were fruitful shifts in perspective and responses. 

The golden nugget of Truth that rose from this practice, annnd re-practice, is summed by an unknown sage’s words.

“Life becomes bearable when you Find the Good in the worst situations.” 

This isn’t avoidance or toxic positivity. 

It’s looking at a scenario with more clarity, flexibility, or surrender. 

Possibly from another angle or through a different lens.

Buddha and Lao Tzu taught there are 4 steps to dealing with challenges.

I find these steps lead to Finding Good: 1. accept and let go, 2. observe to decide what’s ‘best for you at the time,’ 3. face fears and act, and 4. practice gratitude.

Here are examples of Finding Good:

• Sitting in stop-and-go traffic?  Chatting with fellow travelers, listening to a podcast or tedtalk, or enjoying landscape along the road may diffuse angst,

• Phone goes kaput when stores are closed?  Reading catch-up, playing with family, chatting with a friend – from a landline, or dancing to fav tunes can diffuse pain.  Creating discovery,

• Pulled over for speeding?  Admitting mistakes and speaking truth with humility, reminding one’s self of rushing’s downside, or extending warm kindness to an officer who could use it might add Grace or redeem the moment,

• Heated family member discussion?  Choosing to PPWSD – Pause, Pray/Meditate, Wait, Silence or give yourself Distance – instead of saying what’s later regretted.  Listening may also help summon Compassion and assist all involved,

• Child lost a friend?  Showing love and understanding by spending time together, leaving space to express feelings, or walking as a family or with another friend may result in a hope influx or improving family/other friend connections, and/or

• Friend experiencing profound family illness or intense challenge?  Listening without interrupting to wherever s/he is without judgment or fixing, sending an email or text of support – just a few words or sentences works, or making a meal to leave on a doorstep can ease a treacherous time.

Finding Good, even in a mini or decent way, helps.  Adding Light where there is dark or love where there is fear matters. 

Believing in you and your Finding Good abilities & sending mega love beams,


Original Email Date:  August 13, 2021