No. 55 – Change

No. 55 – Change

Dear One,

With an intention of sharing growth ideas – from tough stuff or wonderfulness – to assist you in illuminating, alleviating, and elevating, this share’s on ‘Change.’ 

Does Change make you cringe?  Are you thinking ‘why disrupt known/status quo/good enough/fabulous – with scary seeming unknown’?  

Perhaps it seems too much trouble/effort/time/risk, ‘hows’ seem impossible, it’s easier to keep doing same ole, same ole – per old habit brain hollerings.

For me, profound discomfort, unhappiness, struggle, and near hopelessness was an opportunity – yes, really – to Change.  Other opportunities to Change, for me, occurred when love gave me the courage to take wings and fly.

To Change via making new choices, doing differently, forming fruitful habits, trying/failing/trying again/failing perhaps again/humbling/improving. 

To Change with an altered attitude, perspective, or goal.  

It can be little by little.  Besides, Change is happening anyway.

So, why not consider –

Fall aparts can lead to breakthroughs.

Minor discontent can birth teensy enhancements.

Good enough can create a longing for even better. 

Fantastic can enable a vision of a greater possibility.

Discomfort in staying put in 2017 was greater than my aversion to stepping outside comfort zones to sample not usual, off the beaten path, not-realized-in-my-prior-world Changes.  

This taught flexibility and, in time, eagerness to tolerate and give a whirl to unfamiliar terrain.   

Pain in my life then ignited a willingness to lean into novel thinking and experiences that previously elicited me recoiling or desiring to run far away.  

Wondering – How?  Katy Milkman, UPenn prof. who wrote How to Change, notes it’s individual and suggests here some of what makes it easier.  Milkman’s Change – and getting around Change barriers – ideas I utilized, like, and found helpful are: 

• “Fresh start-ing” it.  Begin first AM or first of year/month/week,

• Gamification.  “Making a task or pursuit of a goal more exciting by adding game-like elements to it.”  By adding in fun somehow or way.  Be creative,

• Believing it’s possible, and attitude makes it more achievable, 

• Tailor your Change to what you think may work.  If no clue, experiment.  How others Change, what they think, and what works for them is irrelevant if it doesn’t fit you or feel ‘right’ in your Gut, and/or

• Falling off track is ok; it happens.  You’re human.  And, Divine.  Instead of throwing in the towel, lick wounds then get back in the saddle a day, a few days, or later.  Imperfectly, keeping at it, little by little works.

As much as an overnight miracle, er, I mean Change, was what my formerly all or nothing, perfectionistic thinking wished for, it was fairly slow and slogging – initially.  “You will not Change immediately.  Do not expect this. … But you can immediately make the decision to Change and begin the process” per Anne, a lay apostle in Volume 7 – Greetings from Heaven.

Interspersed with feeling-no-progress, glimmers of fleeting hope may appear.  At first, potentially nearly imperceptibly. The more I practice and practice Change in the direction my heart desires, the more I notice precious Light. 

Grace moments and mini pockets of peace fed the fire within – to keep on.  To Change.  To heal.  To grow.  To expand.  To elevate.

If this gal can turn around via wee Change after itty Change – especially after my ‘17, you too can shift your mind.  And, maybe your situation.  

“If you don’t like something, Change it.  If you can’t Change it, Change your attitude.”  Yes, Maya Angelou. 

When Change begins and amplifies, shifts become visible on the exterior – as, initially, I did not find that to be the case. 

Feelings inside due to Changes may grow into – Vibrance.  Hope.  Divine Connection. Peace. Meaning.  Even –exhilaration and success.

I believe – now – that we’re built to respond, in innovative ways, to problems big and small. And to life.

To discover more of our remarkable, real selves.  Who we truly are – beneath, maybe, years of thinking otherwise.  

God of all has given us each talents which, I believe, are meant to shine in our world.

Change can be a gift.  From wherever you are now.  You can decide and start towards a Change. To move you towards shine, shine, shining more of your amazing self.  

Love beams to you – and may Change, unfolding, and opening occur for you – into better and better,


Original Email Date:  August 20, 2021