No. 58 – Beginning Again

No. 58 – Beginning Again

Dear One,

With an intention of sharing ideas for you to cultivate opportunities from obstacles and/or rise into an even better you, I offer you ‘Beginning Again.’

Have you faced – or are you experiencing – a setback, failure, ending, or unexpected hairpin turn in your life?  Maybe you feel reticent, reluctant, or resistant to starting over or Beginning anew?

Maybe Dad’s stroke might render him not the same, an employer you adored cut your entire department unexpectedly, or a spouse surprised with a she’s-leaving declaration after youngest son left for college.  Right after your company’s successful product launch following a belly flop.

“The great law of nature is that it never stops.  There is no end.  Just when you think you’ve successfully navigated one obstacle, another emerges …  The more you accomplish, the more things will stand in your way.  There are always more obstacles, bigger challenges,” per Ryan Holiday in The Obstacle is the Way.

This may feel from maddening to frustrating, liberating to exciting, heartbreaking to bewildering, or a combination thereof.  Accompanied by meltdowns or the desire to run straight for the hills and not return. 

Taking one more step, making it through, or clearing certain hurdles may feel like traversing quicksand. 

There’s heartening news though. 

“As long as you’re still alive, you always have the chance to Start Again,” per Emily Acker in No Longer Broken.

Here are potential aids to you for how to Begin Again:

• Pause.  Reflect, meditate, mull, ponder, pray – exactly where you are.  Take some time, if feasible.  Consider what didn’t work.  Taking responsibility for what’s controllable and honestly assessing where oopsies occurred can be uncomfortable-city.  Yet, important.  Go easy on you, gem.  Journal, talk to a 4 legged gem, speak to the Holies, share with a therapist.  Your call.  To allow shifting perspective, increasing awareness, obtaining guidance, and formulating plans to move forward – differently,

• What’s your Gut say?  Not the fear mongers.  The soft, quiet, intuitive loving part that may be barely discernable beneath the din.  Paying attention to, honoring, and following your Gut Knowing is pivotal.  Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson concur and claim reliance upon this.  Ignore the world’s promptings if not a fit.  Even if farfetched, this could be the Beginning of a novel path through or improvements for you,

• “Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you’ve been through, it’s never too late to Begin Again.”  Joyce Meyer knows.  Maybe post this on your fridge, bathroom mirror, or by your bed as a reminder to dear you?,

• Decided what to do yet not doing it?  Start with a tiny step; it’s starting that matters.  Itty bitty steps and testing waters as you go = dandy,

• Keep making steps.  Daily if possible.  Or regularly or habitually.  I prefer mornings with a fresh mind.  Take breaks when prudent or hitting wall or spinning wheels,

• Wise wo/men seek good counsel.  Reach out to helpful others.  For empathy, cheerleading, or expertise.  Or if you hit a snag.  Call, text, google for tools and resources to support your progress, and/or

Imperfection is a-ok.  Beginning again doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily nail it straight away.  Good and done is better than perfect and incomplete too.  Mistakes really are training – for improving, succeeding, and even thriving.   Take a bit, then dust yourself off to Begin Again – Again.

“Passing one obstacle simply says you are worthy of more.  The world seems to keep throwing them at you once it knows you can take it.  Which is good because we get better with each attempt” per Holiday.

Falling down can be life.  It’s a chance, an opportunity, to Begin Again more wisely.  You’ll probably be building skills, becoming more creative, learning to innovate, practicing humility, and/or developing virtues.  Or leaning into Acceptance, Trust, and/or Gratitude.

“Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity.  [Instead of] fighting them, just find a new way to stand.”  Yesiree, Oprah Winfrey.   

The Power is within you, even if – or when – you doubt it, to Begin Again. 

May Beginning Again enable to you do it even better this time and bring forth your heart’s desires,


Original Email Date:  September 10, 2021