No. 60 – Power of One

No. 60 – Power of One

Dear One,

With devoted intention to share with you ideas on Rising from falls – or from wherever you are – such that your pain is alleviated or path ahead is more illuminated, even if itty bitty, I offer you, ‘Power of One.’

Ever felt out of places to turn, spots to run, or people to ask?  Options, time, ideas, patience, hope evaporating? 

At a dead-end, alone, or at rock bottom.  Adrift at sea sans life preserver without an island or boat in sight.  

Oh, how I remember my RBT – rock bottom time.  Yet, simultaneously, side by side the painful memory sits a treasured, meaningful moment that altered my course. 

Of One person who changed my life, who treaded water beside me while waves crashed in rapid succession – 

Earnestly saying –


Just.  3.  Words.  Made a remarkable difference. 

“Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking Earth.  Lives have swiveled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark.”  Y E S, Bryce Courtenay in The Power of One.

The Power of One other, for me, ignited a wee bit of Light in dark. 

Sparked the verrrrrrrry beginning of a profound turnaround. 

Created the not-yet-known origins of a call to this work. 

A shimmering discovery in my darkness the Truth that “to the world, you may be One person, but to One person, you may be the world.”  (Unknown).

Like ~

• A bartender saying ‘I hear you’ to a somber fella talking and deciding, internally, if this will be his life’s last meal.  And he continues on,

• The man, in a long convenience store line behind a distraught teenager about to make a devastating decision, sharing ‘I’ve been there; I believe you can make it.’  So she decides to enter rehab,

• A bus driver remarking ‘I pray for you’ to the sometimes homeless woman barely eking out an existence.  Then she makes her first improved choice,

• The therapist, answering One phone call, lead to her guiding and believing in an abused wife such that she “was strong enough to overcome any adversity on my journey towards freedom.” (Anonymous).  And,  

• A police officer buying a desperate, single dad a car seat he didn’t have, after pulling the tired man over.  Instead of writing him a ticket.  The 2-year-old’s unscathed in a future accident.

Noticing and offering encouragement, watching and mentioning care, listening as a sounding board, taking even minor action beyond what’s ‘required.’

Or… speaking truth on a hotline, sharing concerns to a friend, calling a therapist, sending a letter to your neighbor, emailing a family member info, sharing with a mail carrier, texting the neighbor, snail-mailing a minister, or direct messaging the social media acquaintance. 

Just One Action or Decision Matters.  And, yep, I truly get it that it may be easier to look away, pretend, say nope, deny, walk past, not answer, maintain status quo, keep silent.

However… what significance could a small gesture make?  What might it start?  For you.  Or another.

To buoy One into an improved situation, relationship, or circumstance.

The Power of One can actually save, change, heal, transform, protect.  I know it as I have lived it.  And, I deeply believe that the Power is within you, friend.  Whether you’re the One in dire straits.  Or see the One struggling.

“Throughout history, it has been the actions of only One person who has inspired the movement of change,” per Steve Maraboli, or aided numerous individuals through tempests and trials – to triumph.

One reach out, One connection, One contact, One thoughtful act, One caring sentence, One minute maybe a beautiful beginning that positively impacts you or another’s trajectory. 

With ripple effects that first change 1 life, then 10, then myriads more…

With a head bow to your Divine Power of One – and mega love,