No. 64 – Let It Be

No. 64 – Let It Be

Dear One,

With an intention of sharing illuminating ideas to alleviate and elevate you, I offer ‘Let It Be.’

Sometimes, the wisest choice made is to do…


Have you had a time when your pup sickened, dear one struggled, computer glitched, and an unexpected challenge arose – Simultaneously?

Exhausted and stretched thin, maybe you tried fixing or perfectionizing while fear grumbled. Loudly.

Perhaps… there are problems that need less of you.  Or none of you for now.  Or maybe ever.  Working themselves out with less painful massaging, strategic-seeming ‘help.’

As G. K. Chesterton notes, “doing nothing is sometimes one of the highest duties of [wo]man.”

Practicing patience and tolerating Letting ‘It’ Be leaves space for Grace.

It’s refreshing and relieving what then surfaces to possibly, prudently act upon.

How to allow certain matters to take their natural course?  

Here’s a few mull worthy ideas:

1.  Replying with ‘Let me think on that,’ ‘I’ll get back with you,’ ‘Interesting.  I’ll mull it over,’ or whatever.  Or silence.  To leave it alone – at least for the moment,

2.  Deep breaths – to base of belly.  Or, down into your heart.  Bed early, sleep in, or rest.  Leave the room, get off a call, delete the email, cancel a meeting, or take an any-sized breaks.  Couch sit with 2 or 4 legged(s) chatting on other subjects.  Pause then redirect attention.  Read a magazine, book, recipe, cereal box.  All to do something else,

3.  During #2, pen & paper/post-its/tissues/napkins are handy to jot ideas that float.  Answers for later use may be received without pressing. so. hard.  Random, unimportant seeming noticing’s – in a store’s song, on a road sign, at 3:16 AM – might be meaningful, and/or

4.  Communicate with the Light.  For help.  Instead of inserting human assistance.  Your choice on what works for you.

Letting It Be is accepting…  Reality.  Less advice giving, interfering, or manipulating.  “There are 2 ways to be.  One is at war with reality and the other is at peace” per Byron Katie. 

Whew to your more peaceful, relaxed existence. 

Partly by Letting It Be.  Not ‘handling’ what isn’t my beeswax.  Things can turn out better.  Staying in my lane, allowing others to be in theirs.  

Paul McCartney & the Beatles’ song perhaps ‘tis legendary as it speaks to hearts.  When heads struggle to ‘hear.’  Sing it with me, dear one:

“When I find myself in times of trouble,

Mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom, Let It Be.

And in my hour of darkness, she is standing right in front of me

Speaking words of wisdom, Let It Be.

Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be.

Whisper words of wisdom, Let It Be.”

In Letting It Be, nothing quite turns out perfectly.  This is life on planet earth. However, if you’re a calmer family member, friend, co-worker, what’s better than that?  

Maybe Let It Be – and see what unexpected, wise, less-than-ordinary yet better floats,