No. 66 – Reaching Out

No. 66 – Reaching Out

Dear One,

With the ever-deepening intention to offer you illuminating ideas for alleviating your challenges and elevating you from wherever you are, I share ‘Reaching Out.’

Do you perhaps think ‘going it independently’ is preferable or maybe avoiding/ignoring ick’s better?

You aren’t solo in this; ooooh how I get it having been there.  Still occasionally…  Sheesh.

When our rational minds notice perfectionistic leanings, a pause, prayer, wait a bit, silence, and/or distance or time can allow discerning a more caring response. 

Then, you may take a wee risk in a direction different from your mind’s goading. 

With Reaching Out.

To the Almighty. 

Or, “dar[ing] to Reach Out [a] hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light” per Norman Rice.  

What you give’s received per the natural law and Raymond Holliwell’s Working with the Law.

Others, in turn, may aid buoying your sinking Lyme ship, supporting your arrival upon healthy shores.  

“Reaching out to others can be the best thing you do for yourself” per Mary Ellen Edmunds. 

It’s possible in myriad ways like:

• Smiling in a grocery store line, via zoom, or to a driver one car over at a stoplight,

• Praying for another by phone, on FaceTime, or in an empty chapel unbeknownst to them,

• Visiting an older neighbor who looked down during a wave exchange,

• Sending flowers unexpectedly – in congrats, for apologies, of friendship, with affection,

• Writing a 3-5 word or funny face post-it and placing it under a bedroom door or on a work memo,

• Having a lunch, tea, or 1-minute driveway chat,

• Asking an opinion on a mundane – or challenging – topic or borrowing a spice.  Yes, spice-borrowing is still possible,

• Checking in via human form or virtually with email, text, WhatsApp, or social media,

• Sending a postcard or notecard.  This 3 minutes says ‘I thought of you today which can warm 2 hearts.  Anothers and yours, and/or

• Old fashioned-ish phone calling or texting audio or video messages.

“When you Reach Out to others in need, when you Reach Out to the world, you really do have a satisfying life helping others.”  Yes, Laura Bush.   

Reaching Out may create the beginning of a connection that ultimately heals, creates lifelong friendship, or prevents dire action. 

Begun with a small step.  From one heart to another. 

What might your life be like with even a smidge more Reaching Out?  

May you consider Reaching Out to share and receive more precious, Divine, vital l-o-v-e,