No. 72 – Bricking and Resting

No. 72 – Bricking and Resting

Dear One,

With the heartfelt intention of aiding your inner healing to help you with Lyme healing, I share illuminating, alleviating, and elevating ideas with precious you.

‘Bricking and Resting’ involves generally consistent(ish) efforts, done dandy (enough), day by day orrrrr minute by minute, with some days better than others.  Take breaks to respite and refresh.

To heal and rise, it took my Bricking and Resting.  Now, it’s my more often better-balanced day today. Well, at least that’s the goal.  Ahem.

Worthwhile, beneficial actions, one-upon-another, beget excellence orrrrr progress towards your heart’s desire.  As part of the Lyme healing success sauce. 

However, near superpowers in Bricking, when not balanced, can have a shadowy side.

When feverishly, relentlessly, intensely breakneck pacing, something’s gotta give.  Or damage somewhere results.  

My own experience of Rest shortage in hustling to prove my worthiness (hello, perfectionism – a belief system of self-blame, shame, and judgment) and not pacing hardly at all, ending in my entering the Lymelands.  For over a decade. 

Studies have “demonstrated the impact of lifestyle on epigenetic, endocrine, immunologic and inflammatory changes which contribute to chronic disease.”  Wow, eh?

A complex combination of factors perhaps – alas I sense a connection in my experience. 

Pre-Lyme, Resting formerly consisted of 16 miles run on a hotel fitness center treadmill for marathon prep after a 12-hour workday.  Hardly rejuvenating downtime. 

Without adequate space for softening and gently be-ing, irritability and stress – at least – show up.

Burnout, illness, psychological issues – or worse – may too.

Ah, the balance of Bricking and Resting.  A rickety one, it can be.  Albeit, something to consider in healing from Lyme. 

Because the you that became ill isn’t the same you that can heal.

Here are ideas for mulling:

• Notice patterns and habits.  Pushing hard just to get to the grocery store or do minor tasks – then crashing?  Lunch ½ hour stretching to 1 ½ hour of social media scrolling Lyme boards?  Awareness of where you are is the only way to, in time, arrive someplace else,

• “You can’t pour from an empty cup.  Period.”  Yes, Leanne Barbato.  Rest replenishes our cups allowing space for juicy, creative, sage, healing ideas to float in,

• Consider your most productive time of day.  For you early risers – Are you Bricking 1st AM on challenging tasks that may move you towards healing?  For late birds – How about stretching, praying, &/or uplifting, meaningful reading to Rest?

• Technology rocks.  Plus, it can be a time sink.  How much screen time ya doing that’s rather pointless?  A full-day, half-day, or even 3-hour screen break 1 day per week does wonders for Rest time – and human connection,

• Mini step it.  Planning a goal of 1 minute per day to Brick during your ‘best’ time or when a decent time crops up is an easy-ish way to Brick.  1 minute of prayer, 1 minute of listening to an Audible book perhaps The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday, or whatever feels like it aims you towards different, healing thoughts.  Atomic Habits author James Clear notes that keeping this e-a-s-y is 3rd law of behavior change.  Because it works,

• Shut doors (if possible).  This may assist in detaching from what no longer serves you – like an unproductive, circular conversation – by placing physical boundaries for Resting,

• Mull your actual hit-the-hay-time.  If it’s slipped to later by an hour and you’re way more grrrr than mmmm, what about a bedtime reminder alarm?  This works wonders for moi, and/or

• Self-care matters.  Mega.  This is Resting and rejuvenating – doing what feels dreamy, relaxing, and/or mind-space-making to you.  Perhaps sofa-ing with dear ones – furry or 2-legged.  Doodling for cranial blank-ness.  Biking in a park when feeling up to it.  Walking for fitness.  Your self-care, your choice. 

Does it all feel hard?  Professional help’s a-ok, friend.  A mental health provider’s assistance may have future you hugging yourself.

Honor your Divine gut knowing. 

If you’re inspired, Brick, baby, Brick.  

If you feel cranky, crabby, hurting, and wiped out, Rest because your body is wise and telling you what it needs. 

In silent Resting, where I think the Holies can be best heard, perhaps keep a notepad or post its nearby to jot what floats up.  Maybe you’ll be surprised and discern a new Brick to try.

Go easy on you, gem.  Laying Bricks and Resting to support your healing is an imperfect practice and leaning into imperfection can be … liberating. 

Practicing this balance, for moi included, aiming for both Laying Bricks and Resting, is a worthwhile effort in moving towards healing from the inside out. 

May you feel my mega love beams while discovering more balance Bricking and Resting,