No. 73 – Maybe

No. 73 – Maybe

Dear One,

Oooooh, this story helped me.  

And, my intention in sharing it is to support you in thinking differently and altering even 1 perspective, even if just an itty bitty, on your Lyme healing journey.

With ‘Maybe.’

Here’s a Taoist parable I lovingly … tweaked for you.  

In ancient China, a farmer named Josefu resided. 

With his beloved family and glorious horse named María.

Neighbors proclaimed, “How lucky to have María pulling your cart!” Josefu replied, “Maybe.”

Later, Josefu’s horse gate unlatched; away galloped María.

Neighbors cried, “Oh how unfortunate!” Josefu replied, “Maybe.”

In a few days, María returned. With 6 dear horse companions.

Neighbors declared, “Such a magnificent blessing!” Josefu replied, “Maybe.”

One week later, Josefu’s son, Emmanouíl, was breaking in a wild horse welcomed into their family. 

Thrown to the ground, Emmanouíl’s leg was severely broken.

Neighbors lamented, “What horrid luck!” Josefu replied, “Maybe.”

Two weeks thereafter, soldiers arrived drafting boys for war service. 

Emmanouíl remained as His leg was still healing.

Neighbors proclaimed, “Your boy’s been spared!”

To which Josefu slowly bowed his head.

Reverently, almost inaudibly, he answered.


Illness can be profoundly challenging … for years.  

Not denying that nor bypassing that Lyme had me & – maybe you now – on knees.

Interpretation of a situation, yep – even aspects of Lyme – as ‘issues’ or ‘opportunities’ can, possibly, potentially, perhaps with Divine help via prayer and efforts to look at matters from a novel angle – shift our emotions. 

When this occurs, how we respond may alter.

Then, little by little our lives can change.  

This isn’t judging or criticizing ourselves, shaming ourselves, beating ourselves up; uhhh, that serves us not so well. 

For healing Lyme – or, even, tikun olam (repairing the world in Hebrew).

It’s more open-mindedly approaching matters – especially the tough ones, like Lyme – to leave space for a multitude of possibilities.  Thank you, Dennis Adsit.

By Grace, why not consider:

Pausing. Or, just being present with whatever you are dealing with. (As tolerable, it’s a process.)

Leaning towards more acceptance in just sitting with it, which may reduce its potency and assist in … gradually, slowly at times, and incrementally potentially moving through it.

With the word … Maybe.  

As in – 

Maaaaaybe there is another way to see this.  

Maybe this is a chance to reach out to the Divine.  

Maybe illness is an opening for emotional healing.  

Maybe . . . [fill in the blank here as to what floats up for you in pondering or journaling your Maybes with Lyme].

And, perhaps, you’ll look. 

Then, see. 

Matters anew. 

Again.  Again.  And, again. 

Lighting your path forward for – 

Increasing peace.

Expanding wisdom.

And, Divinely, multiplying love &, even, over time, eventually, … gratitude.

Precious one, may Maybes lovingly shepherd into you unquantifiable Taya (Light in Luo), 


…Loving, respectful, heart-led additions are of Japanese, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, and Luo influence.