No. 74 – Rising Through

No. 74 – Rising Through

Dear One,

With intention of offering you illuminating ideas for alleviating your Lyme journey, and elevating you, this share’s on ‘Rising Through.’

Upon encountering people who’ve dealt with myriad issues and authentically Risen Through, a “serene inner character” per David Brooks’ The Road to Character, is often evident.  Even, palpable.  

Having chosen virtues like honesty or kindness both to and for themselves and others, an exquisite luminescence can emanate from their “moral cores.”  

Awed by their “cultivated inner lives,” I’m drawn, moth to flame, to these honorable, inspirational people who have much to teach. 

Holding them in high esteem, I wondered how folks Rose Through when I was shifting to increase my focus on mind and spirit for healing in 2017.    

Reading, studying, and aiming to emulate their example – imperfectly and how my intuition nudged – was how I created my Rising Through Lyme recipe.  Little by little.  And with Holy help.

Blessed by a friend of this ilk’s company, who’s significantly wiser than moi, I casually queried her Rising insights.  

Per usual, she shared of her warm heart.  Enlightening me yet again.  

Leaning in, I upped curious listening.  As, her forged trail is one of integrity, commitment, thoughtfulness, and abundant generosity.  

Those, like she, serve others, often discretely and without the need of boast or pomp; they leave a treasure-filled wake.

Here’s her 3 part, paraphrased, method for Rising Through, regardless of the circumstances it seems, profoundly strikes me due to it’s Divine simplicity and truth:

1.  Follow intuition,

2.  Follow the platinum guideline – treating others how they’d like to be treated, and,

3.  Say no to anything, not 1 or 2.

With character “produced by inner triumphs,” these dear people make loving choices by following their Divinely given soul knowing.  

“Infused with lovely emotions like admiration, companionship, and gratitude” they understand, accept, and – hence – bless others.  All of which seem to be also a gift to themselves.

Having “descended into the valley of humility, [they] climb to the heights of character.”

To live, with Grace.

When we follow our Divine wisdom – AKA intuition or gut knowing, treat others respectfully, and say no to what’s otherwise, it’s an aid to Rising Through.  Whatever comes.  Even to help us Rise Through Lyme, I think – as it’s what I experienced. 

Because with these 3 ideas, we love ourselves, we love others, and we decline when other options arise. 

From my heart, I believe this is part of inner healing.  Which, I found, is an aspect of healing our precious bodies.

With loving belief in our ability to Rise Through,