No. 77 – Simplifying

No. 77 – Simplifying

Dear One,

For helping your mindset in healing from Lyme, my heartfelt intention here’s to share on ‘Simplifying.’

How’s it feel when your thoughts are unclear and overloaded while inner steps towards healing don’t seem to be producing… much?


You’re preaching to the choir, friend; I remember this feeling.  Keenly.

Here’s a wee golden nugget that speaks volumes –

“Complexity is the enemy of execution.”  Woot, Peter Voogd.

Ohhh how I complexified instead of Simplified in thoughts, words, and deeds.  Before and during a decade of Lyme until I realized it wasn’t quite serving me at times.

Mistakes are practice though. 

To, if/when we decide, learn to ‘choose’ differently.  

Reducing distractions – physical and nonphysical – increases the space around us and in us. 

So, incrementally, steps are more possible towards our heart’s desires and healing.

What helps in Simplifying? 

• Reflecting.  On how your time is spent.  Being gently honest.  With aim of reducing extraneous, distracting, non-healing activities to spend more time on what you adore, may be helpful, or even to ponder a nearly forgotten dream.  Maybe ask a trusted person, ponder in the shower, pray on bended knee, journal ‘How do I spend my days?’ and/or ‘What do I, or did I, love to do?’, talk out loud or to a therapist/4 legger.  To gain clarity where Simplifying can let go of what’s not useful and/or magnify your scrumptious self,

• Releasing.  Objects are no longer important or collecting dust.  One atta time If need be.  Photo frame no longer grooved, a book not captivating or serving your mind/body/spirit, shoe pair unworn for ages – can all ‘move’ to other ‘homes’.  Maybe recycle a bottle or 2 (after proper disposal of no-longer-needed supplements), give prior treasured earrings/necklace to a friend, or donate an unworn-in-last-3 (plus?)-years shirt.  Donation bag in oft-used closet = subtle, easy reminder.  Our homes then, visually, gain more open areas for what’s useful or that you love or what’s healing – little by little.  Like books or … (you pick),

• Reducing screen time.  Remove 1 unused app, leave phone/laptop/tech devices in a cabinet while dinnering an eve to experiment with how it feels (may initially be uncomfortable), or unsubscribe from a list that doesn’t serve you,

• Relinquishing or detaching from what’s not tangible that’s not helpful to your mind or spirit – or ponder this initially.  Like releasing or detaching from a relationship (gradually if easier) with an acquaintance with Lyme – who might be in a different place.  Or a morning habit of scrolling Lyme boards for 3 hours reading about symptoms.  Consider doing this little by little if cold turkey feels too scary.  Replacing these habits with a friend or potential friend phone call.  Consistent praying/meditating. Listening often – as repetition helps learning – to Rising from Falling podcasts (for about 10 minutes) or another podcast on mindset or spirituality.  Or, reading a book – on Audible if need be – like The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday,

• Restarting.  After falling off Simplifying horse.  Gently.  Just, begin again.  Anytime,

• Response streamlining.  Succinct’s splendid – and a way to boundary set.  Which is healthy for dear you.  Ideas to mull: 10-second audio texts, 1 line or so texts, 3 sentence emails, 2 word (thank you) or 2 letter (n-o) replies to what gut says ‘thanks, however nope.’  For reducing time spent on what’s not aiming towards healing and allowing time for you to deepen inner work and/or do more of what is pleasingly yummy,

• Rewarding yourself.  After or during Simplifying.  A delish cup of tea, a call to a treasured friend or acquaintance you’d like to connect with, 3 spiced pecans, or a self-hug (yes, really).  Rewards are pivotal for habit creation per James Clear’s Atomic Habits,

• Opening to receiving help.  Holy or human.  Book, counselor, sage friend.  To illuminate more potential Simplifying ideas, Joshua Becker – Simplifying guru, shares sage tips at  His article ‘The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life’ helped me – and with ideas here, and/or

• Repeating.  Practice Simplifying.  Momentum builds when doing things over and over consistently and practicing.  Each step matters even when it may not feel like it.  Sigh, yet true.  You’ll make progress – even when it’s not felt.  

Bruce Lee, in Shannon Lee’s Be Water, My Friend, proposes a fitting Simplifying image to hold for recalling.  As you, incrementally, liberate old habits – to create space for new ones and what better serves you.

“Being wise … does not mean adding more but being able to remove sophistication and ornamentation and be Simply Simple – like a sculptor building a statue not by adding, but by hacking away the unessential so that the truth will be revealed unobstructed.” 

May lovingly Simplifying assist precious you on the road to a destination of h-e-a-l-t-h-y,