No. 80 – Expressing

No. 80 – Expressing

Dear One,

With clarifying intention to share the Lyme Mindset Healing Method ideas that I gathered and assimilated which helped me heal so you can too, I offer ‘Expressing.’

Would you love to “communicate what you think or feel, by speaking or writing”* – yet aren’t?

Are you holding back what keeps prodding you within?

Not Expressing’s for the birds.

Like there’s some stagnant water sitting inside.  Instead of Expressing it outwardly and releasing it, thoughts can niggle within.  

Itching to break free – from genuine you.

Consider Bruce Lee, a martial artist, and Expressing pro. 

He lived to 32 and created immense amounts.

Writing, books, movies, teaching, while family raising per daughter Shannon Lee in Be Water, My Friend.



He “didn’t get stuck in the gap without a bridge.  And when you don’t get stuck in the gap [AKA the place where stymying occurs], your pace increases exponentially.

His pace of creation, of doing, was quick – not rushed, not harried and stressful, just immediate.

He became so adept at translating thought into action … that it became second nature to him.

When he had an idea, he went immediately to the execution of that idea.

Now, of course, not all ideas are good ideas, but you get to the good ones faster if you move through the bad ones faster.  The goal isn’t not to fail; the goal is to fail faster so that the lessons from failures can be implemented and lead you to success more quickly.”

Heck yeah.

Some ideas for how – which helps Express healing:

• Conflicted?  Uncertain about what to Express?  Or maybe insecurity’s preventing you from Expressing yourself. Consider asking yourself questions.  Journaling may aid answers floating to your surface.  Sample questions:  ‘What do I believe?’, ‘What might be holding me back?’, or ‘What other way(s) could I look at this situation?’  Expressing answers – even if vague at first – enables us to become aware of and witness our thoughts and emotions; acknowledging and accepting these hells in moving through them … to new ones.  Mull any questions you feel drawn to ask – for your answers,

• Experiment with Expressing.  If uncomfortable, practice it in your mind first, to the Holies, in prayer or meditation, or to a doggie pal.  Start Expressing in wee ways – and where success’s more likely.  Expand achievably from there,

• Itty step regularly and consistently.  Make it as e-a-s-y as possible.  When I longed to Express a healed body, I acted as if I was well – before I was – by dressing that way right after waking. Applying makeup too even.  (Just mascara counts.)  Following this by saying a goal statement (example to follow) is inching toward Expressing healing; ‘I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m 100% healed thanks to God, me, and my 500,000,000 stem cells perfectly created, replicated, and used exactly as I need by ________________ (date) or sooner.”  Making this a habit means less energy thinking, and more energy doing – for healing,

• Have you regretted not sharing how you feel?  Telling another you care?  Practice ahead of time.  To the mirror, a therapist, your furry 4 legged friend.  Vulnerably or with a few words. Either is ok. Feel tongue-tied in the initial attempt(s)?  Intention set to speak ‘next time’ and let words flow (even if it’s just 10 of them).  From your loving soul, wholeheartedly.  Or as close as you can get. “Un-Expressed emotions will never die.  They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.”  A gulp-er of a Sigmund Freud golden nugget,

• Are mistakes with imperfectly Expressing worry-inducing?  Ponder a perspective shift that errors may help figure out Expressing true-you.  Mistakes are practice and training.  And, not hiding shortcomings to dear ones isn’t necessarily weakness; it’s showing you’re a relatable, real human,

• Dress to Express – intuitively.  What feels healing (yep, really), mood-lifting, personality reflecting, healed style vibing, and/or heartwarming.  Whatever catches your eye or brings a smile is a yes to Express, and/or

• Take responsibility – and Express it.  Holy moley, power lies in owning up.  Authentically – kindly as much as can.  Express truth – lovingly if possible.  This “builds integrity.  And having integrity leads to a sense of empowerment and wholeness” per Lee.

More youness = more meaningful connections, trust, conversations, and relationships.  

When you increase Expressing on your exterior what’s on your interior, you’ll attract more glow-y, flow-y, powerfulness for healing.

How about Expressing your fab, unique self more as your loving heart is drawing you to do?  

One itty bit atta time.

Because, treasured you, “self-Expression is a vital part of understanding life, and enjoying it to the full.”  Amen, Oliver Bowden.

May the Holies whoop with glee and love shower you for making Expressing steps – that bless you and help your healing,


*Cambridge Dictionary – thanks for Expressing the definition.