No. 82 – Guess & Go-ing

No. 82 – Guess & Go-ing

Dear One,

With the earnest intention of supporting your healing with Lyme Mindset Healing Method ideas I amalgamated, here’s ‘Guess and Go.’

How do you feel when an issue related to Lyme roils within you – perhaps your gut says ‘Go’ yet your mind says ‘No’?   

Uncertain, anxious, or alone feelings may swirl within while your heart suggests getting moving’s a wiser way in this scenario.

However, with symptoms sapping you’re meandering social media or wandering websites with copious peanut butter spoonfuls being eaten.  Sigh.

I feel you; I’ve been there.  

Guess and Going can assist with disrupting the roil and swirl to do that for which your fab self longs… which moves towards healing.

To Guess and Go, consider using Silence, Intuition, and Starting – S.I.S. or SIS for your healing bliss, er – or at least in the direction thereof:


Click TV off for 3 minutes (or even 15) minutes for a favorite chair sit sans technology, or

Place laptop and phone in a drawer for 1 afternoon hour on Saturday (or more), or

Shut off car music are simple options. Or, you pick you Silent pleasure –

For imperfect, quiet practice.  Breathing slowly in and out imagining it is into and out of your heart and/or rub gently on your jaw joint or shift skin over the jaw joint softly upward (for calming your nervous system from fight or flight to rest and digest).

Just let yourself be.  And notice what – if anything – floats upward without distractions or stimulations.  Relaxing within can occur for Grace AKA Holy illuminating moments.  Silence opens space for your insights, golden nuggets, or – even – breakthroughs for ‘educated’ Guesses in taking your next step forward with,


This Divine heart/gut intel is noted in research to potentially “play an important role in social cognition, decision making, and creativity” per

Intuition can lead you on your unique healing path.  It prodded me regarding stem cells when other Lyme treatments didn’t work or created issues.  Strangers would mention this and a deep within gentle knowing, put off months, nudged.  Following intuition led me, then, to this heart/mind work which, ultimately, has been a gift beyond measure. 

Intuitive hits may show up as a relaxed ‘it’s right for me’ feeling, gentle sigh, yawn, gentle shoulder dropping, easing sense in the gut, song line coming comfortingly and repeatedly to mind, and/or wise maybe caring words overheard or learned that keep drifting into thought. 

These might offer Guesses for taking a Go via…


Amelia Earhart’s story speaks volumes on starting’s power.  Her 1920s dream was aviation yet women weren’t yet considered to have ‘the stuff’ (grrrr.)  Social work paid bills until receiving a call with a rather insulting sounding offer along these lines.  ‘Care to be the first female transatlantic pilot?  The woman we called first declined and 2 men will fly the plane.  While they’ll be highly paid, you’ll receive no compensation plus death is a possibility.’  Her response?  Y-e-s.  A vital step, despite off-putting appearance, in creating her legendary life. 

The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins explains this great tip for Starting.  “The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal you [count down from 5 saying] 5-4-3-2-1 and physically move or your brain will stop you.”  This is one of my go-tos when fear, anxiety, uncertainty, XYZ issue arises.

Without a map on how all’s going to work out, starting – even if initially wrong, can help you discover what’s more right for you.

When you Guess and Go, it’s not always pretty nor clear.  It’s a process.  Taking 1 action.  Then another.  And course correcting along the way.  Imperfectly is a-ok, dear you.  Everyone who starts knows not all answers for the path

As you chose each decision, delight may arrive as your emotions catch up – and your way forward will be more easily traversed.  With, possibly, decreased amounts of peanut butter annnnd Lyme.

For increasing clarity and alignment with what’s more right – for you.

Sending love beams and hope that Guess and Go supports you on your Divine path towards healing,


Thanks to The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday for Amelia’s story.