No. 83 – True You-ing

No. 83 – True You-ing

Dear One,

With a heartfelt intention of sharing Lyme Mindset Healing Method ideas for your healing, I offer ‘True You-ing.’

Have you perhaps tried to do or even be what others suggested in life – or for healing – and it doesn’t sit well inside, feels off, or seems unTrue to who you are?

Ugh – me too.  Denying ourselves dims our light.  Which doesn’t aid healing.

Noticing this is a dandy first step.

Plus – a chance to re-calibrate.  To allow the blossoming of a more authentic, True You. 

When we Divinely align, we express our True nature and beautiful health plus vibrant scrumptiousness results.  Your spiritual DNA is Divine and who you Truly are at your core – perfect.

Remember, expressing Your True self is a process; it takes peeling back false layers – created out of fear or for protection that once served us – for more and more Truth to be expressed outwardly.

Being more of our True Divine selves brings a peace and calm internally. Which creates an inner environment for healing.

Also, messy and magic parts of our authentic selves are all ok.  Banishing, hiding, and pretending – in the long term – regarding certain unpretty parts tends to give them power; this didn’t help me.

Increased acceptance of our human-ness aids in moving through suffering and makes us feel more comfortable with ourselves. 

When we live more authentically, we’re aligning with our truths and Divinely installed resources.  

Which can result in non-Lyme-y living.

Wondering achievable ideas for tapping into and expressing True You?  Perhaps…

• Seek stillness and quiet – ‘Tis personal what leaves space for Grace to reveal True You.  Maybe it’s praying in the back of a church parking lot on forgotten seeming pews under a treed canopy, walking a favorite dog park, or riding the beloved motorcycle down a scenic road that makes your heart sing.  To attend to your intuition and discern inner wisdom,

• Ponder & expand the time spent on your passion(s) – They are there even if not yet consciously known.  What, at any time in your life felt easy and rather effortless, like breathing, for you?  Time, perhaps, seemed practically nonexistent when you did it or thought about it.  Or, doing it felt second nature.  It’s whatever feels soul satisfyingly time flying and softly joyous for you.  For clues, ask ‘What did I adore doing as a young one?’  Then, let it flow in words, doodles, or phrases on a clean sheet of paper or aloud.  This may take time and float up in a relaxed moment one day; asking questions gets your mind working on it.  Once known, give attention, focus, and time to what you love by reading, listening to a podcast, watching videos, or doing it,

• Untruths don’t serve True You – “Finding what’s True means letting go of lies” per Emma Raveling.  Lies we tell ourselves might be ‘I’m not worthy’ or ‘I’m not good enough.’  Maybe kiss a mirror 3 times daily saying ‘I love you’ and bask in the delightful feeling that rises.  Give it a chance if doesn’t happen at first,

• Strengths and weaknesses pondering – Gifts point to your Divinely given self.  These can be magnified by spending time writing about where you receive compliments or what you do – or did before Lyme – without tiring.  Where we have weaknesses may be what’s draining or areas where often we need help.  Asking a few trusted others, a therapist or a mentor may help shed more light.  Looking at both aids seeing and accepting yourself as a whole human who, like all others, has high beams and tail lights,

• “Speaking Your Truth is the most powerful tool we have” per Oprah.  This alleviates unexpressed emotional weight which can be a healing burden per Dr. Joe Dispenza in You Are the Placebo, and/or

• Little easyish decisions – Incremental practice, paced as you decide, in showing up as True You helps get your reps in for bigger True You steps.  It’s doing what feels yummy to you isn’t necessarily the same as others.  It could be wearing a wetsuit in a sea of bikinis, colorful clothing wearing in a meeting of dark suits, book reading with a quiet TV watcher, or seltzer drinking along dear friend fine wine aficionados.  This is respecting True you, not disrespecting others.    

True You = unique, exquisite, and special with imperfections and golden facets sitting side by side, holding hands. 

Cheers to your potentially moving towards increasingly accepting, being, and expressing more and more of y-o-u for you.

“The ultimate key to freedom is becoming who You Truly are” per Edith Eger in The Gift – 12 Lessons to Save Your Life.

Which is part of healing your precious self. 

May you hear angels singing as resplendent True healthy You shine bright,