No. 85 – Light Effect

No. 85 – Light Effect

Dear One,

With a heartfelt intention of sharing Lyme Mindset Healing Method ideas for your healing journey, I share on ‘Light Effect.’

Have you doctors, practitioners, supplements, antibiotics, treatments-a-plenty, and spending so much time and money on Lyme … yet aren’t yet well and feel it’s impossible to heal?

I get it because I was it.

Perhaps consider this story from a distant land – for an illuminating perspective.

The time came for a Queen and King to determine which of their three daughters would reign next. All three women were distinctly different and capable and their parents felt deep uncertainty about whom to select for the future Queen.

Their daughters – minister of defense, minister of finance, and a prayerful hermit living in solitude – each were gifted in their own ways.

With weighty-decision consternation, Queen and King devised a test to determine their choice.

Each daughter would have one day to fill a castle room as completely as possible.  She who accomplished the task would be the successor.

On defense minister’s day, she called her massive army that devotedly found and carried thousands of rocks – for floor-to-ceiling room-filling.  It seemed the task’d been done.  Queen, upon arrival, placed her fingers between rocks at day’s end noting ‘twas not … quite … complete.

When the finance minister’s day dawned, she called upon her dear people who gladly spent all day bringing their jewels, paper money, and gold.  By day’s close, the room remained half empty.  King slowly shook his head.

Hermit sister, with no one to call for assistance nor ideas for how to complete this ‘impossible‘ task, walked alone in the darkness to the empty room on her day.  

At her sunrise arrival, she entered and closed both doors behind her. 

Sitting down on the floor, she laid her prayer books on her lap and 

oozed gratitude, 
argued occasionally,
listened to pristine silence,
and let. herself. be.  

With the Divine.  

So immersed, the day passed and sundown occurred.  Her parent’s arrival door-knock startled her.  

Standing peacefully, she invited them in with head slightly bowed yet her “face transfused by heavenly contemplation.”*

As her gracious apology began, Queen felt the overwhelming Grace that can make anything possible that filled the room.  She glanced over at King, knowing between them.

Gently, reverently, Queen interrupted.

Daughter, every fiber in me sings with abundant joy.


You’ve infused the entirety of this room –

With Light.  

Totally filling this place – 

With Love.

Reaching out to embrace their daughter, Queen and loving King murmured heartfelt appreciation to their daughter who’d rule their land with that which can move hearts and mountains – Love and Light.

Perhaps, dear you, ponder this to aid your healing what seems rather impossible.

In your heart, in that inner sanctum of yourself, in your every cell and your very DNA lie Divine riches beyond count, miracles yet untold, limitless potential.

I believe Infinite Intelligence is part of you and, whether you sense it or not right now, this not-feeling-even-like-a-glimmer can be stoked for a deep healing and even miraculous Light Effect.

Perhaps, you might – gradually or in your own time and way – step towards or closer to this idea. 

Starting with 5 minutes of quiet today you can take step 1 of growing Light Effect habit(s).

Little by little you could do any, all, or your own version of these suggestions:

• Morning ritual – While teeth brushing/flossing/waterpiking to habit stack on what you already do daily per James Clear’s Atomic Habits.  To make it more likely that you’ll keep at it. Post notes on the mirror as a reminder helps me.  Repeat over & over something Light-calling. ‘Angels surround me’, ‘Divine fill me’, ‘Love support me’, ‘Heaven guide me’, or look upwards and say ‘Help’. There was a 2008 study by Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Mass. General Hospital which found that repetitive prayer caused healing genetic changes in 8 weeks.  874 genes for health were upregulated (AKA turned on or up) and 687 genes for stress were downregulated (AKA turned down) per Dr. Joe Dispenza in You Are the Placebo.  Wow, eh?  Or,

• After lunch – Begin a sacred space, stillness time.  In whatever palatable approach feels yummy. Sit in a corner of your home holding an object of loving meaning, an empty church parking lot, a walk (if able), or a chapel.  Taking pre-printed meditations or prayers to read/say helps focus when thoughts that don’t serve are distracting, or

• Bedtime – A note beside the bed helps tasks to occur.  Close your eyes and consider what, even if it’s a tiny bitty thing, you are grateful for from the day then thank in advance for guidance for tomorrow for healing.  As Neale Donald Walsch notes, gratitude in advance is the most powerful creative force in the universe, and

•  Repetition works – To shift our conscious and subconscious thoughts that don’t any longer serve us. Each time we repeat an uplifting, emotionally elevating thought, we are literally creating different chemicals between our neurons, that have a downstream effect of upgrading our genes for healing, friend.  Incrementally, we can repeat to create a compounding of the Light Effect within ourselves.

Leaning towards more and more of this, ultimately, you may sense deeply this great Light within you.  

For your benefit – and wellness.

Anything is truly possible, if – and when – you believe.

May sublime Divine Light – and love – have an Effect in you of scrumptious healing,