No. 87 – to Reduce Fear

No. 87 – to Reduce Fear

Dear One,

With heartfelt intention of sharing with you Lyme Mindset Healing Method ideas to help you, I offer ‘B.R.A.I.N.-ing to Reduce Fear.’

Ever feel like Fear during Lyme can boot you around, boss like a meanie, and/or holler bogus bits within? 

Anxiety goes up.  And up.  Sometimes along with symptoms.

Lyme can cause Fear-a-plenty plus old Fears bubble to the surface – that had been lurking unconsciously.

Fear can cause a response to perceived threats of fleeing or freezing; the brain is just protecting you.   However, Fear can get out of hand and continue on.  And on.  Making clarity of thought and problem solving downright dodgy.  Let alone getting out of bed. Fear may calm you, even a titch, for potentially better decision making and creativity per Sean Croxton.  To help with making Lyme healing choices.

This can allow you to access your brain’s prefrontal cortex, which is in charge of executive functioning after Fear creates an amygdala earthquake and higher-level abilities pretty much go offline.

B.R.A.I.N.’s an amygdala reset to reduce Fear which stands for:

B.  Break It Down – Chunk a problem into micro steps or into whatever itty, teeeeny bites so that you feel a bit more at ease, clear-headed, and able to make a small step,

R.  Refocus – Where attention goes, energy flows.  Perhaps write a post-it to help you aim in a solution direction.  Set your post-it somewhere you notice it multiple times a day that says ‘Hi dear self, What 1 thing feels healing today?’  Or, ‘Hey precious you, how might I think differently about Lyme?’,

A.  Avoid Judgement – Maybe consider the ‘judge within’ isn’t quite a truth-teller.  Instead of worrying, worrying about worrying, or judging the Fearful whatever, perhaps – if it feels tolerable – sit and be with it.  Even just for a minute or 2.  You might imagine the Fear(s) floating past like clouds in the sky.  It’s surprising how Fear actually can diminish by doing this,

I. Impermanence – Do your thoughts say, ‘I’ll always be sick’?  Reminding yourself that others have healed fully or that almost zilch is definitively, absolutely permanent might assist in cooling Fear.  What if you pondered what life would look like as a well you?  Maybe ‘tis feeling right now like Lyme is forever, what if 1% of your pinky toe held space for thinking Lyme may fully heal?

N.  No Control or Control?  Consider what you actually can and can’t control.  Then start easy and small, if need be, prioritizing/increasing time on what you can control while decreasing time on what you can’t.     

Is this perfect or a complete solution?  Nope, dear you.  Alas, it is a helpful tool in your Fear reduction toolkit.

When feels impossible, perhaps take a break by doing 1-3 physiological sighs.  Take 2 inhales through the nose followed by 1 exhale through the mouth.  Research indicates this calms.  3 times really helps me.  Go silent and gently ponder your thoughts and feelings with as little judgment as seems doable.  Close your eyes even and ask Angels to surround you.  The Divine’s there for you even when it seems otherwise.  You can also give yourself some distance from the situation, if possible.

Imperfectly practicing this and going as easy on yourself as you can muster can help.

Instead of Fear being oh-so-bossy-like, and your powerful, conscious mind can manage and decrease Fear, even smidge by smidge. 

To shepherd more peace into your life.  Which, I found aids healing.

Sending love beams & heartfelt hopes that B-R-A-I-Ning Fear is a calm balm for precious you,