No. 88 – Obstacle Crossing & My Lyme Story

No. 88 – Obstacle Crossing & My Lyme Story

Dear One,

With the heartfelt intention of sharing Lyme Mindset Healing Method ideas to help you heal, I offer ‘impediment crossing.’

Do you ever feel you can’t heal chronic Lyme?

Perhaps myriad treatments and thinking about Lyme as nauseum haven’t worked so well plus commonly held thought is chronic Lyme’s forever. 

Oh how I remember it; alas, there’s a golden nugget amongst the profound hardship which was my stepping stone up from rock bottom.

Thanks to Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is the Way, this idea alone was a discovery and the first movement towards mindset shifting for full healing –

“The impediment to action advances action.  What stands in the way becomes the way.”  Per Marcus Aurelius, the last of the 5 great Roman emperors from 161-180.

What’s a dead guy, you likely couldn’t give a rat’s patootie about, got to do with you?

This stoic philosopher’s words are the crux of Obstacle Crossing.

How to make it through – and even potentially flourish from – hard times.  Even heal Lyme.  Not joshin’.

Before tossing this idea window-ward, perhaps ponder my story and the initial steps that began to dispel utter darkness.

After a decade of traditional and nontraditional Lyme treatments, bee venom therapy caused reactions to our newly renovated house in 2017; I couldn’t live there.

Distraught, living in my parent’s spare bedroom for months, I cratered. 

Body Lyme ridden, mind anxious and depressed to beat the band, family shaken on its foundation, home unlivable.

I felt broken, life slipping through my fingers … worse than Lyme episodes when I couldn’t move from neck down or speak. 

Stem cells, a last-ditch effort, were in hopes of reversing bee venom effects to return home.  There were little, if any, thoughts about a full recovery.  Or even that stem cells would work, frankly.

Returning to family was a stem cell miracle – thanks, God.  However, I was miles from better.  And, I KNEW internal change and a different tactic were required to save myself.  No one was coming; money, time, doctors, and years hadn’t done the trick.  Plus, who on earth do you ask when having issues from stinging yourself with bees?   

Intuitively, by Divine Grace, I began Holiday’s book.   

Thinking, if Obstacles are somehow ‘assets’ as he opined, holy moly – that’s the ‘only’ thing going for me. 

Entranced, hope glimmering, I poured through The Obstacle is the Way – repeatedly.  Where Holiday describes leaders and regular folks like me, in all walks of life, who used trials to triumph. 

This book brought realizations that some ‘truths’ I’d lived by weren’t necessarily accurate.  It made me ponder ways of looking at differently at Obstacles, AKA Lyme, and my whole %$^&-ing situation.  Instead of fighting Lyme and the mess I was in, actually working with it.

Initially, it seemed bogus; the idea grated on my nerves.  Yet it also energized and resonated for me within.  After a decade of typical healing ways hadn’t worked and I felt weary of killing it and berating it.  

Because “you do not change something by damning it, shaming it, or claiming it is not what it is” per Paul Selig’s The Book of Knowing and Worth.

Holiday’s book explains Marcus Aurelius’s 2 sentences; “the impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”  

This isn’t mainstream thinking nor even practical sounding.  

Except – uh… it worked.  For me and those in POW camps, on soccer fields, in entrepreneurship, on pretty much any type of chips-way-down-challenge.

From a birds-eye view it is our perception of Lyme, the actions we take with regard to it, and our will per Holiday.  It’s gently, incrementally – with Divine help – shifting and changing how we see Lyme, what we do about it, and our inner citadel.

Perhaps mull my story and consider these ideas that I instituted early on after hearing “the impediment to action advance action.  What stands in the way becomes the way”:

• Pray – In your way, how you feel drawn to do.  For me, it was messy, desperate praying of surrender initially.  Telling Heaven ‘Here You go.  You deal with it because my way isn’t working.’ Consider saying some y-o-u version of this.  Of handing it over to Unknown, where possibilities lie as Joe Dispenza notes in You Are the Placebo. ‘ Tis giving it over to Infinite Intelligence.  Because, after however long, if one way isn’t working, why not do another? 

If this idea feels too hard or not where you are, perhaps ponder starting with something easier.  Like 1 minute of total silent truth-telling to the Holies.  Saying whatever comes to mind and continue this practice (near) daily.  In reaching for Grand Wisdom, it may take some time to feel/notice anything.  It helped me to physically sit in empty chapels, lonely church parking lots, and silent empty pews for praying and opening to Divine connection.  Plus, there may be silent tear rivulets or loud ugly cries. 

Over time, I accumulated different written mini and longer prayers.  For daily Divine and guardian angel times.  Some prayers I said 10 times/session.  It made it easier to have written prayers to read when my mind and body felt a mess.  Easy is one of James Clear’s 4 laws of behavior change for a reason.  Eventually, a prayer program formed which I say to this day.  Amalgamating prayers that work for you, bit by bit, can be a Godsend.  And healing.  Both,

• Be with it.  Accept, trust, and thankfulness are pillars for moving through suffering that are fluid and dynamic.  Acceptance is step 1. 

How do we know what we accept?  Mull what we don’t accept – which is what triggers us.  I hear you if you are saying, Ugh.  Unfortunately, dodging this doesn’t work; ask me how I know… 

Start with something small and easy-ish seeming and allow yourself to sit with it.  Perhaps dark closet sitting, laundry room standing – next to the big dirty pile, or old wooden pew plunking behind stinky trashcans in a forgotten outdoor chapel.  Breathe in and out of your heart per Instead of spending energy to avoid, numb, or push away whatever the 1 issue is, maybe just sit with it.  

Too hard?  Pick something less triggery instead.  When you maybe feel unsatisfied with a smidge of acceptance, remind yourself that it’s progress.  More accrues by keeping at this.  

Another ‘being with it’ tactic is to view the topic like clouds in the sky of your mind – even for 2 mins is a win.  Mulling it as a movie instead of as a snapshot or picture is an anxiety treatment strategy to handle and decrease triggers.  Continued, regular, imperfect practicing yields more acceptance.  Plus, pause when it feels too hard to return to it another time.  Go gentle on your dear self,

• Trusting yourself and your intuition – Maybe pause/refrain from asking others’ opinions.  Others aren’t you; their way isn’t gonna necessarily work for you, friend.  Go silent and see what floats up from your intuitive gut knowing.  

Start small.  By setting a 5-minute timer and just sitting quietly after setting an intention like ‘What does my intuition tell me about ______?’  Any golden nuggets that rise can be pondered in your heart to potentially pursue.  Then, take a chance and make a wee step in a potentially fruitful direction. 

Your gut knowing ‘tis Divine; intuitive hits may be what aids you aCross Lyme in an unconventional, you-nique way.  Others’ thoughts may possibly be noise crowding out your truth. Your truth can set you free.

All 3 of these healing ideas – praying, being with it, and trusting your intuition – can open you to taking the wounds from Lyme (or before) and turning them into healing wisdom. 

May you continue walking the stepping stones on the path to your healing,