No. 89 – Hope

No. 89 – Hope

Dear One,

With a deepening intention of sharing what helped me heal from Lyme – such that you might consider these ideas too, I offer you ‘Hope.’

When Lyme lasts years and myriad treatments kinda help yet illness’s still about, Hope can feel nominal – at best.  Ugh.

In times when body, mind, relationships, and home feel broken, Hope may seem hardly even considerable.


What is the Hope when you feel little has or is helping you?

The Hope is that, hidden deep, this may be a Grace.

That all that’s left to do is turn to –

The Divine, God, the Holies.  And your inner self.  For gentle shifts to aid Hope’s surfacing.

How?  Here are 5 ideas:

• Prayer or meditate – Reach out to the Divine even adding that Hope feels slim.  Your way, your say.  Here’s ideas.  Look Heavenward and whisper a soft, ‘Help – I could use Hope.’  Holler into a pillow, ‘Assistance would be super useful here!  I feel like Hope’s evaporated,’ ‘Angels, place Hope in my heart,’ or ‘God, direct my path in a Hopeful direction.’  Cortisol levels go down with meditation.  Lower stress and anxiety may assist us in feeling more Hopeful,

• Surrender.  Perhaps close your eyes, if comfortable, and say something like, ‘Here.  You take over because this feels over my head with zilch options left.  Lead me in a Hopeful direction.’  Or, your version of surrender,

• Write out past successes in Lyme healing progress – even if mini.  Writing it out and looking at your list can trigger Hope floating.  “Looking to a past similar Hope that was fulfilled – and reflecting on for what and to whom one is grateful – can prompt an elevated experience of Hope” according to Research,

• Do one thing for another – A phone call to someone who recently lost a dear one, a short note to an elderly neighbor who seemed lonely when you saw them, or a text to an old friend who sounded blue on Facebook,

• Practice your creativity – This can be as simple as a funny stick figure on a post-it note for your child to see upon arriving home.  Creativity and Hope are linked together per this study.

If feeling like the above isn’t enough, please reach out.  Meet with a therapist, call a friend, text a neighbor, hug your child, email me or DM me on Instagram @judysetting.  You aren’t alone.  Ever.

Connection, I found, not only can up Hope, it helps us feel better inside which, ultimately, aligns with healing Lyme.

With time and tending, Hope can truly grow from an itty bitty mustard seed. 

With such love – and Hope glimmers,