No. 90 – Praying

No. 90 – Praying

Dear One,

With a heartfelt intention of helping you heal Lyme by sharing my Lyme Mindset Healing Method ideas, here’s ‘Praying.’

In my darkest hours, with little earthly left it seemed, I started Praying, Praying, Praying – in utter despair.  To God.  With single words of ‘Help,’ ‘Please,’ or, “there has to be a better way” per Gabrielle Bernstein in Happy Days – The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace.

At rock bottom in a LRM, Laundry Room Moment, I feared that yet another treatment of stem cells may fail.

It was crystal clear that changing myself was essential, looping in the Divine too – as I needed mega help.

After silently suffering for years with wellness eluding me, I just knew I had to go inward and upward.  And Pray.

Not in some Holy hallelujah way.  (No judgment to Holy or hallelujahs…)

Twas more of a last-ditch, no-fab-other-options-are-around kinda way.

If this is you, oh my do I get it.

In 2017, life was like Yolanda Hadid mentioned in Believe Me, “I’m not living.  I am just existing in a body that no longer belongs to me.”

“I felt so disconnected from any and all aspects of my life as if something had confiscated my being and all I [could] do was surrender, hold on for dear life, and Pray.”

Which is what I did.  Praying – to God, Heaven, angels, Infinite Intelligence, Grace, Creator, Higher Power.  Or Whomever was listening.

Wee step by nanometer mini step, stumbling and imperfect at times, sloooooowly, a barely imperceptible shift occurred – from Holy Spirit intel via Praying.  Glimmers of peace or worthwhile insights that unexpectedly arrived encouraged me to keep at it daily, well mostly.  Praying, I found – especially daily, illuminates us within and ripples outward.

If you’re on your knees, perhaps ponder these Praying points:

Does God Answer Prayer? Research Says ‘Yes’.  David R. Hodges, ASU assoc. prof. who reviewed 17 studies, noted “overall, … Prayer is effective.”  Yahoo,

• No idea what to say?  Below are samples I say, silently or aloud depending on location, during daily Divine times.  Feel free to shift any/all of these for your use in whatever way you’re led.  The Holies just love your reach outs like:

-“Let it be of You.  Let it be Yours.  If I am to do something to support this act of deliverance, let it be known to me.  Let me know.  Let me be in my knowing.  So that I may gift You with the entirety of my being” for surrender per Paul Selig in Beyond the Known: Realization,

-“Dear God in Heaven, I [made my choices with] and pledged my allegiance to You.  I gave you my life, my work, and my heart.  In turn, [You] gave me the Grace of [hearing, choosing, implementing, and] and obeying Your every direction to the fullest possible extent [for the highest good of all]. Amen.”  Adapted from Volume 1 Thoughts on Spirituality by Anne, a lay apostle.  This is written in the past tense to tell my brain it had already happened and I added/shifted words per my heart,

-“Angels from Heaven, thank you for directing my path” (unknown).  With gratitude in advance added in; per Neale Donald Walsch, advance thanks is the most powerful creative force in the universe.  With Lyme, we can sure use the help, eh?,

-“Holy Spirit enlighten me” (unknown),

-“Come Holy Spirit, Come” from Father Glenn M. Evers,

-“Lord to you I lift up my heart” (unknown),

-“Angels surround me” (unknown). 

• Print or write ‘em out or keep them on your phone.  The former is my preference – due to phone distractions.  Consider reading them daily.  A few are dandy.  Or 1.  Start easy, just so that you start.  Like James Clear’s Atomic Habit notes, the 3rd law of behavior change is e-a-s-y for a reason.  So we actually do it – and keep it up,

• Shorties work for tough moments – Consider memorizing a few 3-4 word Prayers.  See above or maybe: ‘Angels guide me,’ ‘God calm my spirit,’ ‘God, You take over,’ or create one that makes your heart go pitter-patter.  Once in your memory, you’re more likely to say it at a moment’s notice repeatedly, or out loud, when *&%^ really hits the fan.  At dinner when your head spins, at 3 AM as your heart pounds out of your chest, at wit’s end because yet another physical issue has cropped up.  Or, in your car on the side of a country road late at night or at that moment you are about to freak out when another doctor tells you ‘tests are normal’,

• Reading not yet easy?  Voice Loop app on iphone’s a treasure.  Record yourself saying each prayer.  Just press play during Divine times or when you could use a Holy infusion and the Prayer will loop over and over.  Stick to ways you may achievably begin and set the intention to continue, 

• Choose a time and spot – For daily, er near daily, Divine times.  A near-empty adoration chapel, on forgotten seeming pews behind smelly-ish trashcans, and/or church parking lot makes my soul feel yummy with all those Holy vibes.  Keep it simple so it’s doable.  In your room.  In a closet.  In your car in the garage.  In a chair beside a photo of your beloved Grandma who’s looking over you from Heaven.  The Holies dig it and have total flexibility on your where and how, and/or

• More and more if/when you’re drawn – Alas, also, making it a habit compounds fruitful effects, I think.  At first, or at times, it may not feel groovy or could be irritating.   Sprinkling that Spiritual business into your life, anywhere and anytime, truly may heal, restore, enrich, improve, and relieve.  Thank goodness the Holies are available 24/7.  You may even find, as I have, that the more you do it, the more you love it. 

You may be surprised what gifts arrive from Praying and what you’re able to do which you couldn’t prior – with the Divine from Praying.  To direct your healing path with scrumptious, golden healing nuggets.  1 nanometer or mini step atta time.

Are you on Instagram?  I’m there for you now too… @judysetting.

Gratitude to all the Holies with humble, profound love from my soul – and whom I am Praying now meet you exactly where and as you are – for healing,