No. 91 – Nanometering

No. 91 – Nanometering

Dear One,

With the heartfelt intention of helping you heal Lyme by sharing aspects of my Lyme Mindset Healing Method, I offer you ‘Nanometering.’

Do you ever feel like you’re not making much progress healing Lyme – just repeatedly similar choices with similar results?

Perhaps you’ve spent years and would like new healing ideas other than of the pills and potions variety.  

To be successful at healing Lyme takes Nanometering or little by little-ing – looking within to gently change.

A Nanometer atta time sometimes.  In a direction other than previously gone before.

Focusing places other than on bug fighting, Lyme controversy discussing, and perhaps listening to others. 

S-l-o-w-l-y making microscopic, different choices adds up.

To progress and healing.

“Major changes can result from … ‘nudge techniques,’ small interventions that encourage people to behave in slightly different ways” per Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.

Here’s help with Nanometer-ing:

• Talking it out – Ask yourself or a trusted therapist a question like ‘What might help me heal that’s different from what I’ve done before?’

Write down whatever floats.  Even worthless seeming points. 

One gem from this may be a Nanometering opportunity.  “The simple act of talking openly … makes the subconscious conscious” per Sandberg. 

This also invokes Divine help from the unknown, where all outcomes are possible,

• Starting – Even with first-step fear or after procrastinating.  Consider beginning almost anywhere gut knowing/intuition prods for possible direction. 

Start in a mini way even if seems a nominal chance for success.  Ignore me, experts who don’t resonate, or others who seem off base. 

Basically, guess and go – taking a first step.  

Course-correcting along the way is part of this process per Sean Croxton.  Making adjustments once you have more info. from starting is always feasible,

• Breaking It Down – To microscopic, easy-as-can-be steps.  

Stumped?  Perhaps upon waking – when your subconscious is most accessible – ponder and write down 3 small steps for a new healing idea and experiment doing 1 a day over the next week. 

Feel overwhelmed still?  Ask yourself ‘What is the smallest healing step possible today?’ 

Then, give it a whirl.  Like, read 1 paragraph from a healing book.  Then another paragraph each day to follow, 

• Focusing Anew – Get curious about where you spend time. 

Writing it down aids in noticing where you’re focused.  Awareness assists in nudging us towards where to head via Nanometering.  

Perhaps ponder:  “to step towards your destiny, you have to step away from your security” per Craig Groeschel. 

Gradually reduce Lyme conversations or time on Lyme-related materials – social media posts, reading, and researching.  It may feel kinda scary, at first, however, this frees up time for…

• Praying – During meditation, set an intention of being honest and open to Infinite Intelligence’s leading for the next few steps.  

Praying, sprinkled in your day – anywhere, can assist Nanometering.  During laundry room folding, before bed, or you pick.  Making it a habit to reach out to Heaven, the Divine, angels, Mother Mary, and/or allll the Holies. 

Simple 3-4 word prayers make it easier; easy’s the 3rd law of behavior change per James Clear in Atomic Habits for a reason – to make it achievable.  

Here are some ideas; say what feels high vibe-y to you:  ‘God calm my spirit,’ ‘Angels surround me,’ ‘Guardian angel help!,’ ‘Come Holy Spirit Come’, ‘Mother Mary guide me’, and/or ‘God direct my path,’

• Reading – Books Atomic Habits by James Clear, The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday, and Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch may have suggestions for your Nanometering. 

The 1st offers habit creation tips, 2nd offers ways to gradually, and incrementally see difficulty in an altered light/as an opportunity, and 3rd for opening eyes and heart to the Divine. is a helpful audiobook service if visual difficulties.

The end of phone stuck in shower door or waterproof mini speaker may aid development of listening habits – to learn ideas for Nanometering.  Reading 1 page, 1 chapter – heck, even 1 paragraph adds up. 

Listening repeatedly to novel ideas creates new grooves in your brain; with neuroplasticity, you’ll incrementally shift and rewire your noggin.  Even in Lyme, ’tis do-able.  And,

• Re-starting – After falling off the horse, not Nanometering a day, a few, or whatever amount of time, begin again.  Imperfectly. 

Open a book or click play in the Audible app.  Head to a chapel.  Pray a 3-word prayer 50 times at a sink full of dirty dishes.  Take social media app(s) off phone. 

Mistakes are truly ok.  When this happens, tell yourself ‘mistakes are practice’ and begin again.   

“Small steps in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step of your life.” Mmmmmhmm, Naeem Calloway. 

Plus, remember “no matter what happened, your simply being here, alive, makes you worthy.  And, know that there is hope.  As Cynthia wrote, ‘Wellness is possible.  It happens 1 moment, 1 step at a time” per Oprah Winfrey in What Happened to You?

Would you like more healing help?  I’d love to assist you.  DM me on Instagram @judysetting.

Sending much love and prayers that Nanometering moves you towards increasingly more healing,