No. 92 – Better Way-ing

No. 92 – Better Way-ing

Dear One,

My heart’s intention is to help you heal Lyme by sharing Lyme Mindset Healing Method ideas.

Hence, here’s “Better Way-ing.”

When suffering’s immense and treatment isn’t fully healing…

Have you pondered, even with 1% of a pinky toe, that maaaaybe there’s a Better Way?

I used to have massive doubt this was possible. 

However, even when we don’t feel it, we always have a choice.  To begin again moving towards a Better Way.

By wondering and praying or meditating or similar:

“There has to be a Better Way” per Happy Days – The Guided Path From Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace by G. Bernstein.

In saying this, I believe, you begin to solicit and receive Help.  Capital H for Heavenly Help.  Even before it’s noticeable to you.

Keeping it real here; I noticed zilch initially.  It can be a slow marathon.  It’s practicing patience.  I know, grrrrr.

Consider these for Better Way-ing:

• Rehearse “There has to be a Better Way” in prayer/meditation – Daily repeating it over and over.  For 3 minutes or in harder moments.  “Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality” per Earl Nightingale,

• Write it out – On post-it notes stuck all over home and car, take 2 minutes each AM and journal it 10 times, say it to yourself or aloud each time you get a drink daily, or – you pick.  Creating this habit means, eventually, your belief in it will bloom; the idea will grow into truth.  Per Bob Proctor, any lie we tell ourselves often enough becomes truth.  I interpret this as anything we’d like to believe, repeat daily (er, near daily),

• You’re calling on the Divine – “All of Heaven stands ready to assist you” per Volume 1 Thoughts on Spirituality by Anne a Lay Apostle.  When you reach out to Infinite Intelligence, you may be astounded by what occurs.  My theory, based on experience, is that itty golden nuggets of wisdom, smidges of peace, and glimpses of Grace arrive.  Designed for special, unique you. 

• Practice willingness to wonder – All it takes, at any moment, is a willingness to wonder if there’s a Better Way.  Then, begin to pray it or in your way say it.  For, potentially in the long run little by little, this; “the greatest thing is, at any moment, to be willing to give up who we are in order to become all that we can be.”  Woot to Max DePree,

• If I can fully heal, there’s hope for gem you.  Truly,

• Ponder T. Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind advice – “’Don’t believe a word I say.’ Why would I suggest that?  Because I can only speak from my own experience.  None of the concepts and insights I share are inherently true or false, right or wrong.  They simply reflect my own results.”  If your results aren’t what you long for, perhaps mull that a Better Way may exist.  How others have healed, like me, is an opportunity for you that you’re realizing.  Yahooey, 

• “The unknown is where all outcomes are possible” per my recent Yogi Tea bag and Dr. Joe Dispenza in You Are the Placebo.  Better Way-ing praying is opening up to uncertainty and unpredictability in the unknown; yep, ‘tis uncomfortable and maybe scary.  Because our old selves fight the new ideas.  However, perhaps remind yourself that wellness depends on de novo or novel thinking, doing, and being. 

Your Better Way is possible and it is “so sparkling, so eternal, so pristine [and what I believe your beautiful, precious] soul longs for” per Anne.

How about you say it with me aloud 3 times – or in the silence of your wonderful heart?  “There has to be a Better Way.  There has to be a Better Way.  There has to be a Better Way.”

You’ve begun and made another step – towards healing.

Will you, in your mind, take my hand and join me, to continue on your Better Way path?

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May we move forward into more love, Light, and your Better Way – together,