No. 93 – Again and Again

No. 93 – Again and Again

Dear One,

For y-o-u, from my core, this is intended to help by sharing Lyme Mindset Healing Method ideas for your Lyme healing. 

Let’s focus on ‘Again and Again.’ 

Repetition of novel, beneficial ideas incrementally adds up to learning and changing.

Making use of repeating by creating helpful habits bears positive fruit. 

Incrementally, teeny nuggets of wisdom seed in the mind and blossom into snippets of hope, parcels of peace, and sage healing actions.  

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become our reality” per Earl Nightingale.

Here are ideas on Again and Again-ing:

• Why Again and Again?  When you repeatedly do something, neurons/brain cells change from this practice.  In taking action like writing your goal statement, neurons fire electrical signals to other neurons.  In practicing writing goals 3 times AM and PM, you’ll build an “active network of cells.  One effect of repeatedly practicing [whatever] action may be increased myelin [axon insulation] around the network, leading to faster and more efficient processing of cell signals” per Peak Wellbeing AKA neuroplasticity benefits per this study.  Here’s a sample you could begin with:  ‘I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m 100% healed thanks to God, me, and my 500,000,000 stem cells perfectly created, replicated, and used exactly as I need by ____________ (date) or sooner,’

• Focus shifts – When you think/say/do something desirable repeatedly, daily even, it’s incremental practice in keeping your attention there.  What’s that mean for healing?  What we focus on expands.  Paying attention to self-limiting thoughts begets more self-limiting thoughts.  Remember, “it is during our darkest moments, we must focus to see the Light” per Aristotle Onassis.  By over and over making meaningful thinking choices or saying uplifting affirmations or prayers, you’ll tweak mindset and subconscious.  Healthy beliefs and new ideas bloom as this focus continues.  Gently, you’ll turn your attention towards more healing and less on dis-ease – for healing outcomes, I found, 

• Establish 1 mini habit atta time – Begin a daily(ish) habit done in 2 minutes or less, per James Clear in Atomic Habits.  The goal is just establishing it, not making it phenomenal.  “Show up [for yourself] in the smallest possible way.”  Meditation, quiet time, or Divine time anywhere that feels peaceful, still, Holy.  Write a healing goal in your journal 3-6 times or say/read short meaningful prayers 10 times,

• Build habits the O.A.E.S. way – With each Again and Again, you vote in favor of your healing instead of otherwise.  In creating healing habits, make them Obvious, Attractive, Easy, and Satisfying; these are 4 laws of behavior change per Clear.  Like place your journal on the floor by where you stand up from bed in AM (obvious), to carry it and write a goal statement while drinking your favorite cup of tea (attractive), 3 times (easy), then reward yourself with a favorite yummy breakfast (satisfying),

• Pick 3 to 4 word mantras or prayers that are simple to memorize for later reciting (especially in a tough moment) – Post reminders on the bathroom mirror (obvious), hug/kiss or high five yourself Mel Robbins style while doing it (attractive), set a 2-minute timer (easy), and pet your 4 legger afterward (satisfying).  Here are a few gems I’ve said thousands of times: ‘Angels guide me,’ ‘Come Holy Spirit, Come,’ and ‘God direct my path.’  Research has found this type of repetition’s healing too per Dr. Jill Bohrmann’s UCSD mantra study and this study on neurophysiological effects of religious chanting.  You’re creating new Divine neuronal connections – yay,

• Link these habits to daily activities – Combine what you already do or like to do with what you need to do.  This is habit stacking per Clear.  Showering?  Put phone’s end in door with Audible playing a book for 10 mins.  Tooth brushing? Ditto on Audible book for 2 mins. Breakfasting solo?  Read a paper book or printed prayers/mantras/meditations which you keep in a drawer close by eating location.  And,

• Looking to stop an icky habit?  I.U.D.R. it.  Per Clear, make it Invisible, Unattractive, Difficult, and Reframe it – so it has negative connotations.  For example: take app off phone for unhelpful Lyme social media (invisible), imagine remaining sick partly due to continued reviewing ill discussion pages (unattractive), to look at the pages would take re-adding app (kinda difficult), and think to yourself how participation makes you see Lyme as forever.   

When we fall off the Again and Again horse, it’s ok.  We can remind ourselves that we are human and feel how we feel.  Grieve, holler, wallow.  Love ourselves as best we can, as we are.  Later or in a day or 2, dear horse can be saddled back up. 

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With mega love love love beams,