No. 94 – Running?

No. 94 – Running?

Dear One,

With earnest intention of sharing Lyme Mindset Healing Method ideas to support your healing Lyme, here’s ‘Running?’ 

This isn’t physical Running.

Ever feel like you’re Running from one effort, doctor, situation, or treatment to another?

Perhaps it was hustling for good grades or finding the ‘right’ romantic relationship. 

Maybe it’s been attempting to be everything to everyone.  Except yourself.

From owning my first business to Running 3 marathons trying to “please, perform, perfect” per Brene Brown.  Perfectionism, a belief system based on blame, shame AKA I’m bad, and judgment, contributed to Running. 

It may be an inner driver behind Running. 

Running may be a way to avoid, deny, press under, and/or ignore fears, internal pain, unworthiness, or not-good-enoughness. 

To seemingly alleviate internal dust storms until realizing that going from one external solution to another isn’t actually true relief. 

For years, I had no clue that Running was happening nor from what I was Running.  It was an almost relentless sensation that Running to the next ‘whatever’ would result in feel-good-insides.

10 years into Lyme though, Running felt no longer feasible.

Internally, the feeling of inadequacy had grown to a fever pitch while Lyme wreaked havoc, thoughts pummeled, and anxiety piqued precipitously; something had to change.

Body/mind pain can be a wake-up call that partly creates emboldened willingness in us to wonder about a better way. 

Longing to learn more or change Running ways?  Consider…

• Making 1 decision – To “become brave enough to wonder [about this and then lovingly] face what we’re Running from” per Gabrielle Bernstein’s Happy Days – The Guided Path From Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace.  Even by saying to yourself, ‘I have no clue if I am Running to what there is to face, alas I am willing to begin down this path for peace and healing,’

• Gingerly, softly, gently, s-l-o-w change is possible – Consider “committing to heal by addressing root cause[s] of stress wreaking havoc on the body.  When we shine light on thoughts rather than physical symptoms, symptoms can subside. … The first step to healing the body is to shine light on the mind-body connection” (Bernstein),

• “Exiled feelings, unresolved experiences, and memories that we think go away with time …  cannot just go away.  They deserve to be seen, cared for and loved [yep, really] so that they can truly heal.  Our fear of facing the emotions from our past gives them more power.  …  We build up coping mechanisms … and strategies as a way to Run from the emotions that can be triggered at any moment.  Triggers like being rejected, being helpless or feeling out of control, or being blamed or shamed are among the many things that can activate our deep-rooted suffering” (Bernstein),

• Practice noticing – How’s your body respond when afraid, overwhelmed, or stressed?  Maybe symptoms increase or more show up like headaches, GI upset, or pain.  Just pondering this increases awareness and is progress to reduce Running,

• Questions help – “Ask yourself [when symptoms arise], ‘What am I thinking?’ or ‘What emotion is behind this right now?” per Bernstein.  I like, ‘What is this (symptom) telling me?’  Maybe no clarity happens initially or even for a while.  In asking these questions, your unconscious goes to work.  Patience helps here to reach an eventual goal of less Running from fears.  Because you’ll be “considering emotional disturbances that could lie beneath.  There is no shame in taking medicine or seeing your doctor, but give your body a chance to speak to you.  Your physical pain is a clue that there is emotional pain [to] … address” (Bernstein),

• Moving it out – Obtaining professional help from a therapist, support from a coach, or journaling may assist in “giving voice to the discomfort.  It no longer has to hide in your body” (Bernstein).  “Rage on the Page” is Bernstein’s term.  I call it dump-it-out-journaling.  Set a timer for 20 minutes – or for whatever time feels good to you with no phone.  Write freely any feelings – like anger, fear, disgust…  Any feeling, any size.  To vent to aid in processing emotions.  If this feels too uncomfortable or too much, or it brings up feelings you aren’t ready for or seems overly triggering, perhaps leave this be.  Do what feels safe and good to you.  Whatever that is, it is enough.  Pushing isn’t helpful.  You can return to this later when ready to address harder emotions.  Instead of digging into scarier feelings, less strong or minor frustrations or annoyances, maybe that you rate a 2-3 out of 10, can be expressed.  Afterwards, feel how you feel while deep breathing – letting thoughts come and go like clouds passing by on your mind’s screen.  Meditating or praying for up to 20 minutes or more afterwards can bring in Divine Spirit for support.  Feel free to tweak this in whatever way feels better.  And,

• Breaks (and imperfection) are dandy – Lovingly remind yourself that working through unconscious negative emotions is deep work in order to process what’s been part of causing Running.  You’re brave to do this.  Remember, you’re beautifully human.  Ugly cries are ok as is having days when you’d like no parts of doing this.

I’ll readily admit, this isn’t easy, quick, or neat. 

Possibly ponder that little by little, not pushing, you can kindly bring forward, approach, accept, and slowly release fears instead of Running.

From my heart of hearts I believe, this supports feeling more free, real, and whole. 

Which, you deserve treasured one – who carries the spark of Divine within. 

You ARE truly enough and worthy.

For you, I’m on Instagram @judysetting.  I’d love to see you there – or hear from you in a DM.

With belief, it’s possible to reduce Running by lovingly facing and releasing your fears to assist healing – and sending you love beams and prayers galore,