No. 95 – Intuition Noticing and Following

No. 95 – Intuition Noticing and Following

Dear One,

My heartfelt intention is to help you heal Lyme by sharing Lyme Mindset Healing Method ideas. 

Here’s ‘Intuition Noticing and Following.’

What’s this have to do with Lyme healing?

Here’s a story to illustrate about a wise acquaintance friend’s daughter who was high school valedictorian and prestigious college grad – yet incredibly unhappy pondering pursuing a career she didn’t at all love.

Degree in hand, daughter Followed her Intuition and passion in a city where plenty-o-dreamers try yet never fly.  She worked, kept at it, faltered at times – yet continued pursuing dreams, desires, and knowing of her heart.  

Following her spidey-sense, despite what the world thought, or others believed.

Has she made it?  She’s solidly on. her. way.  Via continuing to honor Divinely installed Intuition and what she loves – both are unique gifts.  Leading to tremendous, authentic j-o-y that’s goosebump-creating apparent from her mama’s beautiful beaming face. 

“Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.”  Indeed, Florence Scovel Shinn.

Listening to and Following your inner loving instincts, it’s possible to receive remarkable aid and to find your better path to heal.  Little by little 1 step atta time.

Here’s more to help you with Following your Intuition:

• What’s Intuition?  “(knowledge from) an ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings rather than facts” per Cambridge Dictionary.  It’s an inkling, a sixth sense, second sight, or – my personal favorite – D.I., as in Divine Intel.  We ALL have it,

• “Research shows how going with our gut instincts can help guide us to faster, more accurate decisions” per the Association for Psychological Science in this study.  For healing Lyme, this was a crucial aspect I found for making healing progress,

• Intuition that’s an internal Y-E-S – Feels like peace with an idea that keeps arising, inspiration with an internal giddyup, inner calm or pristine clarity on idea that pops up during a relaxing shower or stroll, sense that ‘this’ treatment is ‘spot on’ to you, being lit with joy from within about a plan, or a grocery store song that confirms a decision,

• How can you tell Intuitive N-Os?  Your body/mind/Spirit’s a treasure trove and will inform you via unexpected stress reactions.  Maybe it’s sweating palms, racing heart, uneasy stomach quesing, throat lumping, or tensing in chest which feels not ‘right.’  Gut knowing is likely informing you to set a boundary.  Like when an older gentleman stands too close in line causing neck hair to stand straight up or an acquaintance conversation feels off.  Step away and thank your guardian angel,  

• Quiet time supports Intuitive blings – First AM is a clean slate time to set a 10-minute timer on your phone (then put said device away) or Alexa.  Repeat a short prayer like ‘Angels guide me’ or a word or 2 like ‘Thank You’ – which is advance gratitude, the most creative force per Neale D. Walsch.  If your mind wanders, oh well.  Just gently bring it back.  My daily AM 1-hour of Divine time coincides with increased Intuitive blings.  And less when I skip it.  Sigh,

• Choose to Follow inner nudges by taking tiny actions – Practicing this tells your Intuitive faculties ‘I hear you, I trust you, and I am making steps in this direction.’  By doing this more and often, increased Intuitive blings come.  This “trains your Intuition – you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide.”  Wise words by Ingrid Bergman,

• Stream of consciousness write for tapping your 6th sense – Jot down whatever floats for 5 to 10 minutes.  Sans judgment or with as little thinking as is summonable.  Or,

• Journal with Intuitive insights intention – Here’s prompt ideas:  ‘What’s my Intuition telling me about ______________?’, ‘What makes my heart go pitter-patter and lights me up from within?,’ or ‘What is my next step for Lyme healing?’  You may be pleasantly surprised by what your Intuition leads you to write,

Still unsure about Intuition?  It’s ok.  Discerning then Following Intuition may take time.  Consider what makes you smile mega, time fly, or feels yummily effortless – or what created these sensations in early life.  These are from Spirit and gifts given to you from Heaven.  Leaning into and doing what makes your soul smile can connect you to your true self and your Intuition – and then aid Intuitive guidance’s arrival.

Although possibly imperceptible at first, continued Intuition Noticing and Following can gradually open up healing ideas presently that are consciously unknown to you. 

Because “Intuition is seeing with the soul” per Deen Coonts and it never leads you astray.  Intuition is for your highest good and wholeness/healing as it is of Infinite Intelligence, Creator, God.

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May Following your loving Intuition lead to your heart – and angels – singing for more wonderful healing via your Intuitive superpower,