Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed, or
in darkness, you’re in a powerful place of transformation. 
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Hi, and a very warm welcome to Rising from Falling™.  My name is Judy Setting.

First … Gratitude. 

To the Divine, my husband, and our son for sticking by me when all seemed hopeless; to many authors and sages much wiser than I whose wisdom aided and enabled my rise from a very difficult fall; and to you for your virtual visit here.

I share my realizations from my challenging experiences so others may discover opportunities within obstacles and what is truly possible.  My intention, hope and heartfelt goal is that you traverse trials, grow, or even, transform.  I believe if rising and thriving from profound difficulty is possible for me, it is possible for others.  With deep and humble gratitude, I was drawn to service to share these possibilities with anyone who is interested.

Ben Franklin’s words “The things which hurt, instruct” lead well into my story.  A nurse by training, I worked in pharmaceutical research and then ran my clinical research consulting business (and 3 marathons).  After pregnancy, I became severely ill with Lyme Disease and, for years, tried various treatments and doctors that did save my life yet didn’t bring wellness.

When most ill, at times I’d be in a wheelchair or lose speech or function from neck down among many other issues.  8 years into Lyme, and feeling out of options, I began bee venom therapy (stinging myself with live bees) that initially seemed promising however ended up causing issues worse than Lyme.  I became sleepless, reactive to foods and my environment, with pain, cognitive impairment, anxiety, depression and other non-Lyme issues.  I stopped bee venom however severe effects remained. 

After house renovations, I was unable to remain living at home as bee venom seemed to cause hypersensitivity reactions to renovation materials.  In despair, I stayed with my parents, often without my husband or son, for over 5 excruciating months.

My body, mind, family, and home felt broken; after 10 years, I was still ill and seemed I was losing the rocks I’d relied upon.  For the first time in a decade with Lyme, I felt desperate and hopeless, watching my life, like sand through an hourglass, slipping through my fingers.

I received stem cells hoping to reunite our family, heal bee venom issues, and (maybe) heal Lyme; then, my real work began.  I wondered…  Does healing lay within?  I turned inward and upward – not really with hope – it just seemed I had no place else to turn.

Over time, I chose acceptance, trust and gratitude to navigate and grow through fears, uncertainty and challenges.  Instead of resisting or fighting imperfections or struggles, I opened to a more flexible, tolerant approach to problems – and life. 

Books greatly aided my ascent from the depths; each book incrementally opened my mind.  Working on gradual thinking tweaks, I held on to hope in James Allen’s book As a Man Thinketh, echoed in other books, and in Proverbs; “as you think, you will become.”  The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday clearly explained Stoic philosophy to me – “how to turn obstacles upside down” and “thrive and rally at every challenge.” 

As Ms. Captain Marvel said in her movie, “My life began after it nearly ended.”  Thanks to Divine grace, self-work and stem cells, wellness slowly returned fully to my life.  Unknowingly at first, my changed life was created. 

My shifted mindset has ended up offering me more options regardless of the problem – personal, professional or pandemic – and, best of all, more peace.  Eventually, Dale Carnegie’s words rang true; it is possible to “develop success from failures.  Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”  By applying realizations (gleaned from reading and my arduous path) to business endeavors I’ve since undertaken, success has followed.  

Hopefully, what is shared illuminates ways for others to rise through seemingly impossible falls and/or allows for discovery of possibilities and gifts. 

May you find light in the dark, ways to rise, or, even, your path to greater meaning and/or fulfillment. 

With my heartfelt belief in you – and what is truly possible,

Judy Setting, BSN, RN*, CCRA, CTI Trained Coach

Rising from Falling, LLC

Delaware’s Lyme Disease Education Oversight Board, Member

International Coaching Federation, Member