The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.



Coaching facilitates achievable perspective shifts which can allow for renewed thoughts and actions; this enhances one’s leader within – regardless of the application.  Judy’s profoundly difficult path and study revealed knowledge that led to healing, fulfilling relationships and successful business endeavors.  Using compassionate inquiry, Judy warmly supports and encourages her client’s in increasing clarity and wisdom.  Discover how to further utilize your unique strengths and values to traverse challenges and unveil what’s truly possible – both professionally and personally.  Coaching services are available in various packages.


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Each week, Judy shares ideas which aided her rise from a very far fall to pay forward what she discovered from others on her challenging path.  These offerings are to aid others in discovering what is truly possible for them – via adversity and in life.  Each week’s topic is one which not only aided her in healing from chronic illness, they are ideas which created fulfillment, peace, deeper connections with dear ones, compassion, business success and, even, transformation.  The goal – to share what she discovered such that others may move through difficulty and thrive in their lives. Posts here are from archived email content. To receive current weekly complementary content, subscribe on bottom of Home page.


With speaking that consistently receives praise and accolades, Judy welcomes the opportunity to speak with your group or company.  Serving others by sharing ways to uncover opportunities within obstacles and how greatness, strength, growth and/or various virtues can form in challenge have risen as Judy’s purpose.  Her authentic voice and captivating wisdom shares resonate to diverse listeners who are often moved by her words.  Whether it was educating research physicians and nurses, encouraging 500 folks in Manhattan upon receiving the Courage Award from Turn the Corner Foundation (now Global Lyme Alliance) – when ‘you could have heard a pin drop’, testifying to Delaware’s House of Representatives on Lyme Disease legislation, supporting fellow Board Members on Delaware Governor’s Lyme Disease Prevention Task, or inspiring female business leaders at Women Willpower’s Annual Summit, Judy earns speaking raves. 


The material throughout this site and in weekly Insights Blogs sent only to subscribers is now being offered in course form. The first course was given after a devoted subscriber asked for a Rising from Falling workplace retreat. The presentation included 5 topics and received a standing ovation. If your company or group is interested in this or in hearing more, feel free to reach out here for more information.


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