We rise by lifting others.
Robert Ingersoll



“Judy led Ursuline Academy’s Freshmen Retreat, and she provided a beautiful experience for our students.  It is not an easy task to capture the rapt attention of 60 students who are sitting socially-distanced in a large gymnasium when you are joining via Zoom, but space and distance posed no challenge for Judy.  She shared her personal experience and the wisdom she has gained in a way that captured both the ears and hearts of our students – even from off campus.  It was also wonderful to work with Judy to plan the break-out sessions and team building opportunities that make for a full retreat experience that connected to the content she shared.  Judy is creative, attentive, professional, positive, and most importantly, real – something students value most, and it was a sincere pleasure working with her to make a memorable experience for Ursuline’s Freshmen class.”

Michelle Hogan, Campus Minster/Mission Effectiveness Coordinator, Ursuline Academy

Insights Blog

“Rising from Falling™ is such a needed resource.  We all ‘fall’ at some point in our lives; some are small ‘falls,’ others are much larger ‘falls.’  Judy provides some very practical, insightful tips to help everyone navigate their own unique ‘falls’ – – – and help with their ‘rise.’  An amazing resource.  Judy’s words are so helpful.  She is humble, wise, funny, insightful; she distills information from many sources into very concrete ‘baby steps’ that every person can take.  I often think of Judy’s words/wisdom, whether offering support to my family, friends or patients.  Rising from Falling™ is so helpful, in fact, that I am planning to share Rising from Falling™ with my patients as a potential resource.”  

Martha Lynn Brinsfield, MD, Family Physician, Penn Medicine

“Rising from Falling™ is a gift to all humans trying to make sense of suffering, and trying to get unstuck from unhealthy patterns.  Each topic is covered in a very digestible and practical way, allowing the reader to make incremental life changes leading to a healthier and more meaningful existence.  These lessons in living our best lives are uplifting and personal and, best of all, provide very accessible techniques for transformation.”

Susan Trace


Rebekah Malherbe, Founder & Principal Consultant, Silent Partner 

“There was a time when I was afraid Judy was never going to be ok.  Her struggle with Lyme has been long, and at times, terrifying.  I have stood in awe as Judy has overcome seemingly impossible obstacles in her life with boundless grace, strength and humility.  Through her faith, pure heart, and hard fought wisdom, she is a true authority on how one cannot just overcome but thrive again.  She inspires us to live our truth, embrace our challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth.”

Kelly Silliman, PAWS for People 

“Judy’s words penetrate my heart.”

Chris Eckrich, Co-Leader, St. Ann’s Divine Mercy Adoration Chapel

“To know Judy is to know that reading her e-newsletter, Rising from Falling™, will help you become a better human being.  Each week, she chooses a word or phrase, like ‘Compassion’, ‘Gratitude’ or ‘Practicing Flexibility’, and explores what that has come to mean in her life.  The gravitas and impact of these words take on a particular authenticity when you learn that she battled a life-threatening illness with chronic Lyme disease.  Her world was shattered…for a decade.  Judy’s newsletters often begin with, “I continue to hold the intention of sharing ideas with you on how I rose through adversity such that, perhaps, they may be of aid or service to you.”  Her writing is honest, humble, and without rancor.  I will often look up a book she mentioned.  Sometimes I write down a quote she shared and put it on the fridge for further contemplation.  One thing is certain; I am always grateful she’s taken the time to share her wisdom.  These newsletters are all about truth-telling, and this year, more than others, I really needed that.  I find that my most favorite people are the ones who have been in a dark place, where hope is at an all-time low, yet somehow they wrestle their way back into light, into life and into love.  Their experience has given them the wisdom to understand the vagaries and gloriousness of this mash-up called life.  I like hearing their stories.  They have empathy, and aren’t interested in judgment.  To me, that’s Judy, and I thank her for reminding me on a weekly basis that hope wins.”  

Rowena Macleod, Artist & Owner, The Art Shack, LLC 

“Just beautiful.”

Elisa Morris, Owner, Elisa Morris Photography

“After reading several of Judy’s writings, the common thread for me, is the authenticity in the thought, the clear and open style in which Judy presents her ideas and concepts, without being condescending or minimizing the reader’s ability for analytical thinking.  Judy’s writing evokes within me a desire to make the world better.  These encouraging and enlightening writings are ones that I look forward to weekly.” 

Dr. Christine Martey-Ochola, CEO, Nuele Hair, LLC 


“I have had the great benefit of Judy Setting as an advisor and coach, as a mentor and fellow brainstorming partner as I have embarked on my journey of creating Women Willpower, an organization aimed to build equity and equality for women as business owners, as leaders and as partners for community development.  During some of my most challenging moments, it was due to Judy’s counsel that I was able to build some of the most significant successes in our organization’s development.  Judy has a special and extremely sophisticated ability to hold open a space for transformation and revelation.  Her support in helping me work through problems and challenges directly impacted the success of our organizations endeavors – but also – has helped me as a leader to reframe and shift my view point to find a way through enormously difficult challenges.  Critical shifts in my thinking are a direct result of her counsel and support.  Not only did our organization grow and benefit from her wisdom, but I personally have also been better equipped to embrace and move through some of the greatest challenges of my life.  I am deeply grateful to Judy for sharing her incredible ability with me and for her loving kindness in this world.  She is truly a gift to us all.” 

Angeline May, Founder, Women Willpower 


“When Judy received the Courage Award from Turn the Corner Foundation, she moved a full venue of NYC cocktail chatter to silence.  It was as though the packed hall held their collective breath as she described her harrowing, courageous Lyme journey with candor, hope, and strength.  All eyes riveted on her as she awed the crowd with grace, poise and calm.  Judy shared meaning derived from her life threatening illness which captured our audience’s minds and hearts.  Her warm, caring spirit came through and her speech received resounding applause.  In my 19 years of running large events, it’s rare to see someone with a gift of moving and inspiring an audience the way Judy can.  A gracious, natural speaker, her resilience and perseverance in the face of challenge was an asset to our Annual Gala which encouraged and motivated us all.” 

Darren Port, CEO & Founder, Powered by Professionals

“I had the pleasure of meeting Judy Setting at a Women’s Willpower Conference in November of 2019–those of us gathered there came to discuss the many ‘ways of being’ as leaders—to gain confidence in our individual gifts and experiences, and to learn from one another.  I was immediately taken with Judy’s heartfelt story, with its unique nursing perspective, describing a complicated struggle with serious chronic illness and a journey of healing.  Hers is a tale of frankness and hope, told without bitterness or anger.  In this unique time, which we did not imagine in the long ago of 2019, Judy has much to offer and to teach.  She speaks eloquently, writes beautifully, and inspires deeply.  Hear her and get to know her.”

Neville E. Strumpf, PhD, Professor Emerita, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

“I have had the pleasure of witnessing Judy testify in a Delaware Senate Committee hearing for Lyme Senate Bill 15.  I watched as she captivated government officials, doctors, citizens and Lyme patients telling her story.  Her passion for serving the Lyme community and those that are struggling with chronic illness is heartfelt and you cannot help but be forever changed by her eloquent delivery and message of hope.”

Krista Griffin, DC, Alchemy

“Judy Setting delivers.  She is a living example of grace, courage, and integrity, and these qualities truly shine through when she speaks.  Her thoughtful words, deliberate and heartfelt delivery, and her sincere empathy make her a dynamic and impactful speaker.  Your audience will be moved by her authentic and caring voice.  Her ability to connect with the audience is real, even over Zoom.  Thank you, Judy, for sharing your voice with us.”

Kristin B. Mumford, Dir. of Advancement & Enrollment Mgmt., Tower Hill School

“If you’re looking for an authentic and dynamic speaker who is able to weave incredible meaning into her message and maximally captivate an audience, then look no further.  I have known Judy for over 20 years, and whether it was presenting clinical trial information to a room full of physicians and medical practitioners in our days in Pharma, or speaking at Lyme conferences or private events in the last decade, Judy has a professional, warm and engaging presence.  You literally see people lean in as she’s speaking.  I highly recommend Judy Setting as a most excellent speaker, who will bring an empowering message and leave a positive impact with your audience well after the talk is over.”

Helen Samson Mullen, PhD, PCC, Executive Coach, pLink Leadership